(aka Liquid Gold)

by Cody Taronto
and Steve Shaffer

The Adventures of Cody and TJ

Hi, my name is Steve.  I'm Cody's best friend and I'm going to be telling you this story.   Cody started to write this a while back but never got to finish it, so to protect the lazy bum's ass, I'll finish it for him.   My bud wrote most of the story, so I'm filling in the blanks. That's not the same as shooting blanks, for you guys who understand the lingo.

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For the sake of background, here's a paste of what Steve wrote when he sent the story + graphic (Feb 18 06) to Gary at MrB's : Hey Gary.  OK so here it is at last.  It's taken forever to get it finished and I'm not sure why, cos when Cody died two thirds of it was done already.  This was the last project that we worked on together and we used to argue and fight about what should go in and what should change and and and ..... and then we would make love :)  That was really the big payoff whenever I argued with the Codeman.  Cody's original title idea was "Liquid Gold" and we argued about that as well.  We used to have really big discussions around his obsession with TJ, his friend in the USA.  It was a relationship a lot like he had with you in a way because they never met and it was all via email, but he was really in love with him.  Cody's drive was to one day get to the States and meet one of his best friends.  I remember him showing me an email from TJ after discussing some aspect of one of the stories where they made love without a condom and TJ freaked out completely.  He shat all over Cody for even thinking like that and he hoped that Code wasn't having unprotected sex.  Cody would have formatted the story for the web and we would have fought about the graphic and and and.    The story would be the next in the series of "The Adventures of Cody and TJ". I am going to do a graphic to accompany the story but in the meantime you can get the chapters sorted.  I think Cody would really have liked that I gave it to you and you put it on Mr B's site.   So here it is .... LIGHTS ..... DRUM ROLL ...... ACTION .....

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