Cody's head was on TJ's smooth chest, his hand resting on TJ's stomach. He listened to the gentle breathing of his friend.

"So this is it huh? Separate ways again for the two of us?" Cody whispered.  TJ felt Cody's warm breath against his chest.

"Have you any idea what we were supposed to accomplish here Cody? We didn't do a damn thing."

"Yung's dead."

"There are a thousand other Yungs just waiting in the sidelines."

Cody lifted himself on to his elbows and kissed TJ, "Whatever we were supposed to do doesn't matter. I've spent time with you. That is what I'm gonna miss."

"We'll meet again Code. We both know that. There’s just too much fucking history between the two of us to not meet again."

TJ pushed Cody on to his back. Then he bent over and kissed his South African friend while his fingers kneaded Cody's crack.

"We haven't got condoms TJ."

"I know that," TJ whispered.

Cody closed his eyes as he felt TJ’s wet, long, smooth hard cock slide into him.

Changi airport was bedlam. It looked as if all the swim teams had decided to leave on the same day. Cody and TJ said their goodbyes and stood together, waiting for their flights to be called. Cody felt a huge lump in his throat. They saw Curt come running towards them.

"Hey Cody, TJ."

"Hey," they both said, in unison.

"Cody, this is for you."  Curt handed Cody a small gift-wrapped box. "I've gotta get moving, they've called our flight.  Cody, my email address is inside the package. Use it. Please."

TJ nudged Cody in the ribs, "So open the fucking thing already."

Cody gently tore the tape holding the package and lifted the lid.  Inside the box was the bronze medal for the 100-meter butterfly. Cody looked up quickly to see if he could see Curt. He caught sight of the Thai teen as he entered the boarding gate. Cody lifted his hand and Curt waved back. Then another flight was called.  It was TJ's. Tears ran down Cody's cheeks and TJ tried desperately to stop his, to no avail.

“I’m gonna miss you Code. I hate these fucking goodbyes.”

“Hey Teej, not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Have a good trip home buddy. Say hi to your folks and your cousin Mark and the other guys.”

The two adventurers hugged each other tightly and then TJ turned and headed for the gate.  He never turned around again.

Cody looked down at the medal in his hand.

“Pretty cool Cody. You deserve that.”  Shane had gelled his hair and looked spiffy. He took the medal and looked at it. “That was one awesome swim you had. You shoulda been the captain of the team.”

Cody was wide-awake, thinking about TJ.  But he wasn’t the only one who was awake. Shane opened his eyes, “Can’t sleep huh? Me neither. I’m too excited about getting home to my folks.”

“And your girlfriend.”

“Yeah, kinda.  Maybe you should get off in Johannesburg and chat to her about what she needs to do.”  He flashed his white teeth in a wide grin at Cody.

“Now there’s a thought. Maybe I should demonstrate to her what you need to do as well.”

“Hehehehehe no chance she’s gonna let you in there.”

The blanket was over both of them and Cody moved his hand across to Shane’s crotch. “This talk’s giving you a boner bro.”

“Yeah. For sure.”  Shane took Cody’s hand and lifted his track pants elastic. Cody felt the rock hard cock of the boy and gently stroked it.

“Damn that feels good Cody.  Maybe you should just come home and be my girl. Hehehehehe.”

Shane’s hand moved into Cody’s track pants and the two of them closed their eyes, gently stroking each other. Cody heard Shane’s gasp a split second before his hand was sprayed with the young juice.  He grabbed a paper napkin from the seat pocket and he used that to clean his young friend.

“Now if we were still in the room I coulda cleaned that a bit better.”

“My woody is never gonna go sleep if you keep talking like that.”

Sure enough, Cody felt Shane’s semi start getting harder again.

Eventually the boy fell asleep. Cody saw Jason walking towards the toilets. He got up and followed.   He waited for Jason to come out.

“Hey Cody, thought I was the only one awake.”

“Couldn’t sleep. Too excited I guess.”  Before Jason realised it, Cody emptied the cup of water on to his crotch.  Cody found himself being held against the door with Jason’s arm across his throat.

“What the fuck was that for?”

Jason’s legs buckled as Cody’s knee came up into his groin.  Cody looked at him sitting on the ground holding his stomach and gasping for air.

“That is for throwing Shane out on the ledge, for trying to cheat, for what you did to me at initiation, and also just because you’re a cunt.”

Jason slowly stood up, still gasping and trying to breath. He could not say what he wanted to before Cody had already moved back to his seat.

I waited with Steph, Mark and Wingnut in the airport lounge.  Cody’s folks were busy talking to a friend of theirs that they had run into.   Wingnut was majorly hyper and couldn’t sit still.  All of us were pretty excited about seeing Cody again. I knew that I would be spending time with him helping him write the story of the trip. I just hoped that this time it was a little more sedate than the time he had spent with TJ in America.

“Hey Winger. Sit the fuck down okay.” Mark was getting pissed at the ups and down of the little dude.

“Hey. You’re not a prefect here at the airport okay.”

Mark stood up and glared at the little dude.  Winger sat down, “Okay chill. I’m sitting. Conan.”

“Hey, why don’t you guys just beat each other up?” I smiled at both of them.

Cody walked through the arrivals gate with his medal around his neck. His hazel eyes shone when he saw us and I felt the early warning stirring in my groin.

The first person he greeted was his mom, with a huge crushing hug, and then his dad, the two of them having a body crushing competition. He gave all of us hugs. He had hugs to spare. He was happy to be back in Cape Town but I sensed that he was also sad because he and TJ had parted again.

As we all walked out of the Cape Town International airport terminal building, I looked at the back of my bud as he walked with his arm around Steph and admired those strong shoulders, the narrow waist and that really cute ass. He was one incredibly special person, and I was staying over tonight ? just to hear all about the trip, of course.

The End

Singapore part 14