Aboard the "Ocean Wing", two of Yung's henchmen were watching Curt and Jun. The two Thai boys had been stripped naked except for a thin white, cotton loincloth that each of them was wearing. Their muscled bodies shone with sweat as they hung with their hands tied to a beam on the ceiling of the cabin.

Yung walked into the cabin and the two men stepped back into the shadows. He walked up to the two boys and shook his head.

"You boys have cost me a whole consignment with your bungling. All you needed to do was get rid of the meddling South African boy and everything would've been alright."  He looked at Curt, "You, of all people, know what the cost of such failure is."

Curt looked straight ahead, his jet-black hair, hanging wet down his forehead. Yung's finger traced from the boy's pecs to his lats and down to the waistband of his loincloth.  He felt the boy's heavy nads and cupped them in his hand. He squeezed gently.

Slowly Curt's face contorted as he tried to hide any realization of the pain he was feeling. He felt his balls being crushed in Yung's hand. The pain shot from his groin, into his stomach and up into his throat. Yung slowly released his grip. "What have you to say for yourself?"

"I underestimated the boy and his American friend. It will not happen again."  The perspiration ran like rivers off of Curt's face and down his chest and stomach, tracing lines down the valley in the centre of his hard abs.

"Of course it won't" Yung gently slapped the boy's stomach with his flat hand, as he walked around to his back. His hands undid the knot on the one side of the loincloth and it fell away. Curt's long cock hung over his full, low-hanging nads.

Curt felt Yung's hands on his butt.  Then he felt the man's enormous cockhead at his crack.

Yung was excited. He would have his way with these boys and then they would become shark food. His heart skipped a beat as he put his hands on to the boy’s solid, flat abs. He then held the boys hips and he moved his own hips forward, the full length of his cock forcing itself all the way into the boy. Yung felt the teen’s ass tearing as his thick cock fought all the way.

Curt gasped and a hiss of air left his lips before the loud scream. This excited Yung even more as his cock swelled inside the boy with each thrust of his hips. He put his hand around the boy and played with the young cock, massaging it until it started to come to life. His rough, raw hand caused more pain.  Curt whimpered as the pain continued from the invasion of his body. He felt his crack burning as it tore even more as Yung's thick cock ravaged him. Then he felt Yung's fingers pinching and twisting his nipples. He tried to arch his back to move away from the monster, to no avail.

Yung's whole body shook with excitement. This was better than any he had had before. This finely tuned and toned athlete was all his for the taking, and then he would die. His finger explored the flat, muscular stomach and worked their way up to his pecs. He pinched one of the boy's nipples and then twisted it, causing the boy to scream from the pain. This excited him even more and he pushed harder with each thrust of his hips. He wanted to hurt this boy that had cost him so dearly, and enjoy this beautiful sensation in the process. He felt a sensation in his groin, but he didn't want to climax now. He pulled his pulsating cock out of the boy and stayed still to control the urge to cum.  He felt the tension in his groin ease and his hard cock relaxed slightly. Then he went around to the front of the boy. The boy's cock was raw from Yung's masturbation. In spite of the Curt's pain, his cock stood stiff and proud, pointing upwards away from his body.  Yung looked across at Jun. The 16 year old had a look of terror on his face, after having watched the onslaught on his friend.

"And now, my young friend," Yung said to him, as his fingers caressed Jun's chest and abdomen, "It's your turn."

The guard on the deck was too busy masturbating and enjoying the screams and cries of the teenagers to hear anything else. His head exploded in a mass of pain and he lost consciousness. Two Speedo clad bodies crept stealthily to the gangway leading to the lower cabins.

If anything, Jun was being put under more pain than Curt. Yung had both of the boy's nipples, one in either hand, and was twisting them so hard that they were bleeding. Then his cock exploded. Jun felt the warm rush somewhere inside of him as the man's cum exploded into his body. The hot stale breathing against his neck was fast as Yung thrust more and more. He wanted the climax to last forever.

The gunshot sounded like an explosion in the confines of the cabin. The back of Yung's head evaporated in a cloud of red as his brains spread out on the cabin wall behind him. His cock slid out of Jun's body as he fell to the floor. One of the guards raised his gun as he took his last breath. His back exploded from the impact of the two bullets that entered him and he collapsed in a heap.  The other guard could not stop Cody's charge as he tried to lift his rifle to fire. Cody held the dive knife in front of him and it entered the guard's chest. A spray of blood flew out of his mouth and nose as he died, with Cody on top of him, still holding the knife.

TJ put the rifle down. "Let's get these guys untied and let's fuck off out of here."

Curt and Jun were almost unconscious and unable to stand. Cody lifted Curt on to his shoulders and TJ took Jun. It was difficult maneuvering the bodies out on to the deck. Both of the boys were solid muscle, and dead weight.

"How the fuck are we gonna swim back Teej?"

"I've got an idea. Leave the rail gate open for a quick exit. I'll be back now."

"Where the fuck are you goin?"

TJ started the huge diesel motors that powered the yacht.  He turned it towards the shore and tied a rope line to keep the wheel in place.  Then he rejoined Cody.

"Are you fucking crazy? There are fucking rocks all over the place."

"That is why we're leaving a little earlier."

The luxury yacht was speeding towards the shore.  Cody and TJ stood at the rail gate, each holding one of the Thai boys under the arms.

"Now!" TJ shouted, and jumped into the water with Curt.  Cody followed within seconds with Jun. Curt and Jun were semi conscious and trying to tread water.  The four boys watched as the yacht hit the rocks on the shoreline and exploded in a ball of flame.

"We'll have to swim up a bit, towards the beach." TJ said.  The two Thai boys were able to swim slowly.  Eventually the four boys lay on the small beach, taking deep breaths.

Cody looked at the naked body of Curt as he lay there. He was incredibly beautiful; it was a pity that they could not have been friends.

After the boys got dressed, with Curt and Jun wearing a spare T shirt and shorts that TJ had given them, Curt asked Cody, "What now mister Bond, You handing us over to the authorities?"

"You've tried to kill me twice, any reason why I shouldn't?"

"None, I'm ready for whatever happens now.  Thanks for rescuing Jun and me. We were going to be killed anyway."

"I'm not going to report anything Curt. Right now I'm not sure exactly why, but I think you've been pretty well punished, you and Jun. I wish we could've been friends here, rather than enemies, but that's not possible."

Curt and Jun shook Cody and TJ's hands. "Thanks," Curt said.

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