Cody was dressed in blue low riding Leviís that sat snuggly on his hips.  A white T allowed a little bronzed skin of Codyís stomach to show above the waistband of his jeans and his South African team track top hung loosely over that.  The rule was that team members would at least wear their team tops everywhere, so they were each given two.

The corridor on the American team's floor was bedlam with pillows being thrown around and guys and girls screaming and laughing.

"What the fuck do you want dude?"

Cody turned and it was the guy who had given Jason a hard time in the lobby.

"Aren't you with that cunt that shoved me around downstairs?"

"No, it was someone else. Listen, I'm looking for somebody."

"You've got the wrong floor.  Fuck off before I send you off."

"Piss off, I'm trying to find someone."

Cody was flat on his back before he realised it.  His jaw hurt from the fist that connected him.

"Go and tell your mother to piss off."

Cody dive tackled the American and they went sprawling through a group that were pillow fighting each other.

"FIGHT!"  Someone screamed and the corridor filled with people, as if by magic.

Cody felt himself being lifted by his tracksuit collar as someone else pulled the American off of him.   He turned to face one of their team coaches.  At least, that is what it said on his T-shirt.

"What do you want here buddy?"  The coach asked.

"I'm looking for somebody.  Kentucky Blue?"

"Never heard of him bud, sorry.  What the hell kinda name is that anyway?"

"I'm sure your team manager will know who he or she is."

Cody was shown through to the team manager's room.  "Hey Don, this guy's looking for someone.  Maybe you can help him."

Don looked at Cody and saw the torn tracksuit top.  He came over and shook Cody's hand.  "Hi Cody."

"Cool, how did you know my name?"

"Mmmm, let's see.  Wild guess?  Just a sec."

Don left Cody standing in the room while he disappeared.   Cody was staring at one of the pictures on the hotel room wall when he heard a familiar voice.

"Hey Martian Man."

"TJ?"  Cody turned to face his friend.  They had last seen each other three years before and shared the most amazing adventures that any friends could ever have had.  Their experiences had bonded them and made them lifelong friends.

They gave each other a quick hug because they weren't alone in the room.   Cody's heart was racing, and so was TJ's.

"TJ," Don said, "Take Cody into the team planning room.  It's quiet in there and you guys can talk."

The planning room was like a war operations room with swimmer profiles and programmes pasted to the walls. Cody stared at his friend.

At 19, TJ was looking even better than Cody had remembered. His gym work and regular swimming at home had paid off. TJ's cotton shirt emphasized his well-developed pecs and his broad shoulders.  The T dropped away to emphasize the hard flat stomach. His blue eyes went to make his good looks even more so.   His jeans hugged narrow hips and his muscular legs filled them.  Cody's eyes focused on the prominent way the jeans bulged in the right place.  TJ's blond hair was cut short and brushed forward. He oozed strength.

TJ grabbed Cody's shoulders and they embraced.  Their tongues danced inside each other as they quickly tried to make up for the years away from each other.  Cody's hands rested on hard back muscles that danced as TJ pulled him closer.   Eventually they unglued their lips and TJ held Cody at a distance and smiled.

"You've grown buddy. Looking fucking awesome."

"So let's do it."

"Yeah," TJ smiled, "Let's get down to some work."

Cody read some of the names of the competitors next to their photographs.

"Jack Short", Cody read, "Right fucking name for the little cunt.  What an aggro bastard."

TJ laughed, "Actually Jack is pretty cool.  Shortest fuse I know, even shorter than yours.  How do you know him?"

Cody pulled his track top away from him with both hands to show TJ the rip.

"Ok, so you know him pretty well then.  Fuckin hell Code, how long did it take you to get into a scrape?"

"Hey, I was cool. I just asked a question and then this fucker bounces me."

"This is totally fucking weird Cody.  Why are we here?  Well, I know why we're here, but why us?"

"I guess so we blend in with the guys.  The two swim team training programs are similar so we get to have time that we can try and see what's going on together.  I was told that you'd know what's up."

"All I've been told is to watch the team from Thailand.  Some of their guys are distributing and selling amphetamines to competitors from every country."

"You got a plan?"

"Plan shplan. I guess we just keep our eyes open and follow our nose."

Cody smiled. He couldn't believe they were together again. "I've got this plan I've been working on for about two years now." His fingers reached for TJ's belt and started unbuckling it.

"Jesus Cody. Not here. Are you screwy or something?"  They both laughed.

Both teams were having training sessions at the aquatic centre the next morning.   They checked the training scheduled of the other teams and saw that the swimmers from Thailand were training two hours before them.

"So that's it then, we go down two hours before the Safricans and the Americans."

"Wear your gear Cody."

"And you?"

TJ laughed, "They thought they better give me a pair of Speedos and a tracksuit, so I'll be dressed as well."

"Won't it look weird with the two of us being seen together?"

"We won't be.  Not yet anyway.  Let's keep our distance in public for a while."

They spoke for a while before it was time for Cody to get back to the South African area.

Shane jumped up when Cody walked in.  "You're in shit Cody.  Jason got us all together for a meeting and you weren't here.  He said he's gonna sort you out.  He was fucking pissed bro."

"What was the meeting about?"

"Itís the tour initiation.  All the guys who are on their first international swim tour have to be initiated."

"Oh fuck," Cody thought, "Like I didn't go through enough of this with my school swim team.  When is it?"

"Itís happening tonight at the hotel pool at nine oíclock.  Only dressed in our Speedos and we must take a towel."

"Where's Jason now?"

"Fuck knows, probably in his room."

"Have you taken a look around yet?"

"No.  Jason gave me a hard time cos you weren't here and told me if he finds me out of the room he's gonna fuck me up good."

Cody walked down the corridor and found the room with Jason and Grant's name on the outside.  He knocked.

"C'mon in." Grant shouted.

Jason and Grant were sitting at the table with piles of pieces of paper around them.  Both were without tops and Cody admired both of them.  They both could have been teenage body builders. They had powerful shoulders and pecs and Jason showed off a flat, washboard gut when he stood up to look at Cody.

"Where the fuck were you?"

"I had some stuff to do."

"Fuck stuff bro. You don't go anywhere without telling me or the coach."

"First off I'm not your bro.  Secondly, I'm sure I told the coach."

"In future you'll tell me.  You're on the initiation squad tonight.  You must be at the hotel pool in your Speedos.  And bring a towel."

"Shane already told me.  I just wanted to say I'm sorry that I wasn't there and let you know that I was back."

Grant laughed, "Never mind, you're gonna be fucking sorry tonight anyway."

"Jason, just one thing, Shane had nothing to do with me not being around.  So you don't need to pick on him."

"Say what?"

"Just to let you know.  Shane's his own guy."

"Not on this tour he's not, and neither are you.  You guys belong to the team.  And," he giggled, "I'm the team bro."

"Do you have to be such an asshole?"

Grant grabbed Jason around the waist and pulled him back before he could fist Cody.  "That won't be a good move bud."

Jason glared, "Fuck off outta here.  But if you miss the initiation, I'll let the whole team know what a fucking little piss wuss you are."

"Hey, I'll be there."

"Hey jerk-off, just one more thing.  What the fuck happened to your track top?"

"I fell."

"You're a fucking disgrace Taronto."

Shane was lying asleep in his boxers when Cody got back.  Cody had to look twice and was surprised at the solid build that Shane had.  It wasn't that obvious under the baggy tracksuit.  Shane's arms showed perfectly formed biceps and shoulder muscles, which were well-defined, round on the arm that was bent up to his head. His back muscles shone in the late afternoon light coming into the room window.  What interested Cody most was the perfect shape of the boy's butt.  He had noticed it on the plane, but the thin satin of the boxers flowed over two perfectly muscular mounds.  He could make out the pecs and ab muscles even though Shane was on his stomach.

Cody stripped to his boxers and lay down on his back with his hands behind his head and closed his eyes.

A light shake of the shoulders woke Cody up.  "Hey Cody, it's me Shane.  Wake up bro."

His eyes opened slowly to see Shane's smiling face hovering above him.  "What time is it?"

"Itís time to move down to the pool."

"I thought we just had to wear Speedos and a towel?"

"Yeah right, I'm not walking through the hotel with nothing on dude."

Cody stood up and let his boxers drop to the floor.  He was aware of the eyes that monitored his semi.  He grabbed a pair of his green and gold team SA Speedos and pulled them on.  He tucked his dick down into them and made sure he was comfortable. The design of the Speedos emphasized his masculine package that he was pretty proud of.  He put his tracksuit on and grabbed a towel.  "C'mon bud, let's move and get this over and done with."

The South African team had made arrangements with the hotel management to take over the pool area for the night.  The area was dimly lit and it was pleasant.   The warm night air also made it comfortable.   A couple of the boys arrived with only their Speedos on, while most seemed to have taken the Cody and Shane option and opted to wear their tracksuits.  The pool area was landscaped with palm trees and thatch gazebos and there was a small stage for shows and bands. Floodlights were strategically placed at the bottom of the palms, which gave the whole area a magical atmosphere.

Jason, Grant and two other seniors were obviously the initiation committee and they sat at a table overlooking the centre pool area.   They wore African facemasks.  Cody recognized Jason by his build.  Cody guessed that he spent a lot of time in the gym; by the way his bod was cut and looked really powerful.  They were also only wearing their Speedos.   The tracksuits came off and the boys all moved as close to each other as possible, a sort of safety in numbers strategy.  Shane mesmerized Cody.   Cody had never seen such developed pecs on a guy that young before.  And they emphasized his narrow waist and flat, muscular stomach.  His jewels were also tucked into his Speedos out of which his muscular legs protruded.  The girls were not at the initiation.   They were having their own, under the supervision of the senior girls and the whole team would get together later.

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