The cabin was chaos as the swimmers vied with the other passengers for baggage space in the overhead compartments.  Cody helped an old lady to get her baggage into the small space above her seat. “What the fuck has she got in here?” Cody wondered, “It feels like her gym weight set.”

“Thank you young man,” The old lady smiled at him. His eyes caught those of Jason, who was mimicking “Thank you young man. You suckass prick.”  Cody showed him a finger and sat down in his window seat.

As the flight took off, Cody put on the headphones and tuned the radio on his seat console to "Rock".  He closed his eyes and laid back.   He dozed and was woken up by the stewardess tugging on his tracksuit top.

"Excuse me, but it is time for dinner."

Cody rubbed his eyes, "Hey, cool, thanks."

"I think she saw your boner man."  The voice came from the window seat next to Cody.  He turned to see Shane, a 15-year-old member of the team.  He had short black spiky hair and was beaming from ear to ear.  "Hi, I'm Shane.  And you're Cody.  I know because Jason said you're a punk who's coming along for the joyride.   Don't let him hassle you though."

They shook hands.  Cody smiled at his new found friend, "So, you into boners or something?"

"Fuck no, but that's a monster you're cracking bro.  Don't you wear briefs to control that thing?"

Cody just laughed without answering.   When the food arrived, they ate in silence.

"So, how old are you?  I'm 15."

"Just turned 18.  Is this your first international?"

"Yeah, it rocks.  I am so fucking excited.  And you?"

"My second time overseas but only the first time to swim."

"We heard you weren't gonna be doing any swimming.  Jason says you're just a passenger taking up space."  Shane stood up, "I'm bustin’ for a piss.  See you later."

Cody watched as he walked down the aisle. Shane also had a swimmer's build with a narrow waist but it was his butt that was interesting.  It looked like two tight balls of muscle through the green tracksuit bottom.  Cody turned around.  Everyone was either eating or drinking. He saw Jason, and their eyes met.  Jason was nudging his fellow passenger in the ribs and pointing at Cody and the two of them were laughing their heads off.

Cody ignored them and turned back.  He pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket.

"Kentucky Blue."  What fucking name is that for a swimmer?  Cody wondered. He was to make contact with this Kentucky Blue person when he arrived in Singapore.  He would be part of the American swimming contingent.

Cody stuck the paper back into his pocket as Shane arrived back. Cody got a good look at the bulge that the kid was sporting as he edged past him into his seat. Mmmm this kid was hung, and he had a lot going for him. He was friendly and had an infectious smile and looked like a teen TV star.

Shane lay back in his seat, "That feels better. Jeez I thought I was gonna bust."

Cody just smiled and got up, "Whatever you had is contagious bro.  Now I've gotta go."

Cody walked to the toilets and there was another member of the team waiting ahead of him. As he stood there, the guy that was sitting next to Jason came up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, "Hey, you're Cody.  Hi."

As Cody turned around, he felt the cold water against his crotch.

"Oh shit dude, the damn cup slipped."  The guy almost couldn't stand he was laughing so loudly.

"Is it?" Cody asked, glaring at him.  Down the aisle he could see Jason doubled over laughing.   The swimmer that was ahead of him said that he should go in first as a cubicle became available.

"That was such a shit move."  Cody heard the swimmer saying to Jason's bud.

"That's only the beginning. The fuckwit is gonna wish he'd never come on this trip."

"You and Jason can be such fucking pricks Grant."

"Hahaha Yeah, you want to come and tell Jason that yourself?"

Cody tried to soak up some of the water out his pants but the tracksuit material had soaked it in like a fucking sponge.   He took the pants off and then removed his boxers, which were also wet.  Then he just pulled the pants on without anything underneath.  Fuck he hated this.

When he walked back to his seat Jason and Grant were laughing so loudly that people were looking at them and wondering what was up.   Shane gawked at the huge wet spot in his crotch.

"Saw what happened Cody.  That was a shit thing to do."

"Hey it's cool. Are they always like that?"

"Only with guys who they think won’t retaliate."

"That right?"  Cody closed his eyes and smiled.

It must've been about 3am when Cody woke up with everyone on the plane sleeping. Next to him, he saw Shane, fast asleep in dreamland. The blanket covering him was tenting and it aroused Cody's curiosity. He carefully put his hand under the blanket and, as gently as he could, traced the outline of Shane's boner.  Cody felt himself getting hard and it wasn't a piss boner he was getting. He became more adventurous and pulled gently at Shane's track pants and boxers.  He slipped his hand under the material so it was away from the boys skin. It felt warm under there. He slowly felt with his fingers until he could feel the stretched skin of Shane's hard cock.  It felt like smooth warm silk wrapped over tight muscle.  It shuddered involuntary at Cody’s touch.

"Oh jeez, this kid's got a monster," Cody closed his eyes as his fingers caressed Shane's hard, stretched skin. He put his other hand into his own track pants and couldn't control the ejaculation just a minute later, which sent him back to the toilet to clean up.  When he returned, Shane was still fast asleep with the blanket tenting enticingly.

The island state of Singapore was more beautiful than Cody could have imagined.  Everything was ultra modern and clean.   They had all been given the drill about laws, like walking and chewing gum and shit like that.

The coach and his assistants hustled everyone into a bus outside the Changi International Airport terminal building.   Jessie, one of the girls on the swim team, came up to Cody and he was sure that he felt her hand brush his cock.  Maybe it was just his imagination, or his ego.  He looked to see where she was sitting and grabbed the seat next to her.

"Hey, howzit goin’?"

"Hi Cody, I'm Jessie."

"Yeah, I know," Cody beamed. He'd asked who she was the moment he saw the shape of her tits. She was beautiful. Blue eyes that were almost translucent and he could imagine those strong legs tightening around his waist while he gave her a protein injection.

Cody saw Jessie looking behind him and he turned to look up at Jason towering over him.  Jason’s T-shirt molded to his body and showed off his pecs and his flat stomach.  If he weren’t such a prick Cody would’ve whipped out his cock and put him in a better mood.   The size of his boy package didn’t go unnoticed by Cody though.  This bud of mine was incurable.

"Excuse me.  But I think you're sitting in my seat."

"Serious?"  Cody stood up and looked at the seat "Damn, I don't see your name.  Guess you must be mistaken huh."  He sat back down.

Jason started getting red, from the neck up.  Everyone except the coaches and manager were watching what was happening.  Grant came and stood next to Jason. Nobody had ever stood up to him in the past.

"Hey passenger, I don't think you heard my bud.  You're sitting in his seat."

Cody stood up and looked at both of them, "Shit dudes, you're going to have to move me if you want this seat.  Who would like to move me first?"

Jason clenched his fists and stood closer to Cody.  Grant pulled the back of his tracksuit.  One of the other swimmers sitting behind Jessie, a guy of around 16 years old, stood up.  "C’mon Jason, flatten the fuck."

Jason brought his head right up to Cody and whispered, "You are so fucking dead bro."  He walked away before Cody could respond.   The boy sitting behind Jessie smiled at him and drew his finger across his throat. Cody found out later that his name was Craig.

When Cody sat down, Jessie said that he shouldn't worry about Jason.  His bark was worse than his bite.

"He seems to have a lot of support in the team."

"He does.  He's not team captain for nothing.  But he's got an ego to hell."

Cody laughed, "I guess he's a good swimmer though huh?"

"Fly, Backstroke, Crawl, you name it and he's the best at it.  He's come here to challenge Thorpedo."

"Thorpe? Is he serious?"

"Not really to win. He's realistic, but he wants to finish a close second.  He thinks he could take him in a couple of races though."

"That would be pretty cool for the team but damn that's ambitious. So tell me about Jessie.  You've got a really cool smile."

"Well, I had to smile. It's not often I see someone put my boyfriend down."

Cody's face dropped.  "Jason is your boyfriend?  Oh fuck, I'm dead."

Jessie laughed.  "Don't worry," she said between giggles, "when he breaks off your arm he'll hit you with the wet end. It's softer."

Cody sank down in the seat. He couldn't help giggling to himself.  Maybe it was just nerves, like before an execution.

As soon as the bus stopped in front of the hotel, Jason and Grant were the first to get off.  Cody's stomach was churning.  He followed Jessie as she walked out of the bus.

The driver opened up the baggage compartment and everyone grabbed their bags as they came out.   Cody grabbed his tog bag and his suitcase.  He didn't even feel the push before he felt himself falling in slow motion.  He went tumbling over the baggage and ended up on his back on the ground.  Everyone was laughing because it looked like something out of a Chaplin movie.

Cody stood up and brushed his tracksuit down.  The coach asked if he was okay.  He looked to where Jason was standing and Jason pulled his finger down the side of his nose as if to tell Cody not to cry.  He smiled and followed the coach into the hotel.

The lobby was filled with swimmers from America and Brazil.   The noise was deafening.  Cody followed the crowd to a spot in the lobby.  Jason was ahead of him and pushing his way through a group of American swimmers when he was shoved sideways.

"Hey.  You don't have to fucking shove dude."   The American teen was smaller than Jason.  He looked like he could've been 14 or thereabouts.   Jason quickly recovered his balance and dropped his bags.   He walked up to the American and looked down at him.

None of the Americans moved to help their bud.

"What's your fucking problem?"  Jason asked.

"You're the fucking problem dude. No need to shove everyone out of the way.  Ask nicely."

Jason thought of giving the boy a smack but gave that a second thought as the other Americans started to move closer to see what would happen.  He walked away and picked up his bags.

"What a fucking jerk," Cody heard the boy say to one of his buds.

"Say that again boyo." Cody remarked as he walked past him.   Cody looked forward to Jason being given a clout during the competition.  He was just too aggro for someone not to hit him.

After the rooms were sorted out Shane came up to him.  "Hey Cody, we're bunking together.  How's that for luck?"

"That's pretty awesome, how'd you arrange that?"

"I didn't. The coach and the captain did. Well, I kinda put in a good word."


"Hehe yeah, reckon he needs me to keep an eye on you."

"That's pretty cool.  Seems you're the only one around who can even handle me being here."

"I think you're pretty neat.  Anyway I think you showed Jason good."

Shane threw his rucksack down on the bed.  "Hey, is it cool if I have this one?"

"Go for it bud."

Cody unpacked his gear into the cupboard closest to his bed and then started to get undressed.  "I'm gonna have a quick shower.  Just to wake up and then I have to go and find someone."

"Cool."  Shane's eyes never left Cody while he undressed.

Cody wasn't a slacker in the body department.  He had strong well-defined, muscular shoulders and his biceps popped each time he bent an arm.  He slid his boxers down his smooth muscled legs.

Shane tried to, but couldn't, avert his eyes away from Cody's family jewels.

Cody's dick hung its full 6-inches.  Smooth and cut.  His nads hung low and full.  The package was covered by his black pubes, which was the only hair, besides under his arms that he had on his whole body.  As he headed into the shower Shane got a look at his strong v-shaped back and his hard butt.

As the shower started, Shane fell backwards on to his bed and whispered, "Oh my god, I'm in fucking heaven."

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