Cody was 18 and it had been three years since he had last seen his friend TJ. Both of them had been asked by their national swim teams to travel with the teams to the Asian Pacific Swimming Championships in Singapore.  Now hey, we all know from having read their previous adventures that TJ could swim but not competitively and Cody was no slouch in the pool, but to be part of their national teams?  Yeah right!

Well, I can tell you how Cody heard about it.   He had just finished a school swim training session when the Coach said he had to go and see the school head.

"Sit down Mr. Taronto." the head gestured for Cody to seat himself in the chair opposite the desk.   The coach sat down in the chair next to him.

A bead of perspiration appeared on Cody's top lip.  “Ok, so what the fuck have I done wrong now? Oh shit, maybe the coach saw me staring at Wingut's dick in the shower or something.”

"You're going to Singapore Mr. Taronto.  I have no idea why or what for, but you will be accompanying the South African Junior swim team to the Asian Pacific championships. You will be told more details about your visit by the national management, I'm sure."

Cody's eyes almost flew out of his head, "Oh, my fu..."

The coach kicked Cody's ankles.

"You were saying?", the head asked.

"I wanted to say, oh what fun, sir."

Outside the office the Coach could not contain himself anymore and broke down in hysterics.  "Shit Cody, you are going to find yourself in such crap one day."

Cody giggled, "Actually I thought I controlled myself pretty well.  So, you can tell me what this is really about."

"I'm not sure but it's like something out of a Mission Impossible story. They want you to find out about performance enhancing drugs being passed on to the swimmers there, especially the juniors.  There's another guy, an American, who's going to be joining you."

"An American? I wonder..mmmm.  But.... why me, and whoever this other dork is?  Why not just use the police or FBI or whoever?"

"Don't ask me?  I would never have sent you.  You gravitate towards getting yourself into shit."

"Jeez Coach, thanks a fu.... thanks a stack."

The coach put his hand on Cody's shoulder, "I don't like the idea Cody. To me it sounds like a job for professionals, and it sounds dangerous. Just look after yourself okay."

When Cody phoned me to tell me the news, all that I could say was "I hope those Asian guys are expecting you and go running hahahahahaha."

"My name's not Steve.  You gonna miss me?"

"Shit Code. Now I'll have to go manual until you get back."

“Well, hey.  It’s not like I’m leaving right now. Is it?”

Cody didn’t have to do much to get my buttons pushed.  He held my wrists with my arms stretched out behind my head. His lips gently moved across mine. My tongue was trying desperately to get into his mouth so I could enjoy the taste. As we kissed, my cock felt like it was ready to explode.  The smallest touch and it was over.  Cody’s cock was still hard in spite of having offloaded inside of me just a while ago. Warm Cody juice still leaked out of the swollen head on to my stomach.  His breathing was heavy and both of our bodies were burning hot and covered in perspiration.

Though his heavy breath, he asked the question, “You ready Steve?”  It sounded almost like he was going to start singing the song Ballroom Blitz and my stomach rippled as I giggled.  This didn’t go unnoticed by my best friend and he caressed my hard abs with his hand.  This sent more explosions through my body.  I wanted him so badly right now.

Cody turned around so I could have access to his rosebud.  His perfect smooth butt presented itself in front of my face and his beautiful rosebud stared at me.  He lowered himself down on to my blood engorged cock and I felt his warm, moist tongue ride the length.  I swallowed a breath and then I put my hands on his hips and lifted my face to his crack.  My tongue explored and gently prodded.   He bent down as he took the full length of my cock into my mouth and his rosebud exposed itself to my exploring tongue.  Both of us were breathing heavy.

Cody has a way of making love in such a way that you never climaxed until both of you were ready.    His one hand was cupping and gently massaging my nads as his tongue lubricated it.

When he felt the time was right he turned and faced me, straddling my crotch.   I used my hands to open his crack while he guided my raging cock into his waiting bud.   I watched the muscles of his abs contract involuntarily as I entered him.  He was tight but I was allowed in and we both gasped and sighed at the beautiful pleasure. I felt my balls do their own things as Cody gently rode me,   He leaned down to kiss me and it felt like my cock was going to break as it bent to accommodate his forward movement.   I lifted my hips to fuck him and my movements increased in speed.  I could feel my juice rising and I exploded inside of him,   I screamed with absolute fucking pleasure.   Cody’s hands moved up and down my abs and my chest.  Then it was over, just too damn soon.

I would like to believe that I was the first person that Cody had allowed into that sanctuary of his, but the way he made love and how he made me feel made me believe that he had a lot of experience long before the Steve happened in his life.

I hated him going away, I felt a pang of jealousy for the guys that he was going to meet and befriend, and there was bound to be a lover there somewhere.  Cody was insatiable when it came to making love.  And I was going to miss him desperately.

Just being around Cody was an adventure, even if nothing happened.

Cody met up with the national swim squad at Johannesburg International Airport. There were twenty of them, thirteen guys ranging in age from 14 to 18 and 7 girls.  The national coach, David Foster, had already met Cody and knew why he was there and to complete the cover-up treated him like one of the team.  The team had been told that Cody was there as a reserve and wasn't expected to compete.  In fact Cody's name had gone through to the Championship Committee as a reserve.   They also knew about him and his American counterpart.

International swimming was in disarray because of the use of amphetamines by swimmers. Ian Thorpe of Australia had openly spoken about it being a problem, and now, finally, they were trying to do something about it.  What they expected my bud to do though, only they knew.

As they boarded the Singapore Airlines flight, the captain of the swim team, Jason, spoke to Cody, "So you're coming along as a passenger dude.  Just don't get in our fucking way."

Jason was blonde, all of six inches taller than Cody with wide shoulders typical of a swimmer's build.   Cody looked up at him, "If I get in your way, you'll know about it for sure."

He shoved Cody in the back, which almost sent him falling down the aisle.  "Move man, for fuck sake, you're taking up space here."

Cody felt like turning around and punching his lights out but didn't think that it would be a good idea, not just then anyway.   Besides, Jason looked like he'd skinned and eaten a few little Codys in his lifetime.

Singapore part 2