The initiation started off tamely enough. The youngest boy of the team had to drop his Speedos and stand on a chair. One of the seniors grabbed an electric razor and shaved off the few pubes that the guy had.  Almost everyone laughed nervously and then even more loudly when the youngster started getting an erection.  He didn't seem hassled in the least.  That's the thing with guys on sports tours.  Everyone goes through these initiations and when its guys together it almost always ends up with a few guys have something done to their dicks or the guys all getting naked and comparing sizes or some shit like that.   After the shaving was completed, he had to parade in front of the guys and show off his smooth hairless crotch.   He laughed, which was pretty cool.  Cody smiled because he had seen the same thing done so many times to the guys at school.   Once your Speedos were off, they remained off until the initiation is complete.  Once again, this never really fazed anyone.  One or two of the guys who might be shy would almost be in tears but generally everyone took it in good fun.

The youngest members were all done first and it was eventually Shane's turn.  He had the job of making love to a fur teddy.  At first he was embarrassed about his Speedos coming off but when he realised that the guys were admiring him he started feeling better.  Man, it was one of the funniest fucking things, watching Shane "get down" with the teddy.  He laid on his back and let his now rock hard cock slide up and down between the teddy's legs and Grant eventually told him it was okay, before he shot his load all over the pool area. Having watched Shane get horny with the teddy caused Cody's own cock to fight for air but it wasn't going anywhere with the Lycra wrapping.

Cody was the last, being the oldest, besides those on the committee.   The four African masked boys slowly came up to him.  Two, one of them Jason, stood to either side in front of him, with the other two behind him.  Jason made some fucked up speech about a special initiation.   He carried a short thin cane in his hand and pointed to Cody's Speedos.

"Take those off."

Cody took his Speedos off and let them fall next to him.   A few of the younger boys could be heard oohing and aahing at the sight of Cody’s semi.  One of them even cracked a skin splitter.

"Right." Jason said to the rest, "we're now going to giveya a lesson in biology and the things you should watch for when you get older.  One of those things is to make sure you get your prostate checked regularly."

Jason pulled on a pair of latex gloves.

"Bend over fucker."  He whispered to Cody.

Cody turned to him, "Are you fucking crazy?"

"Hey, not a prob, you want us to stop?"

"Fuck you Jason."

"No, fuck you." Jason snarled as he shoved two fingers into Cody's crack.  Cody gasped at the sudden pain but didn't dare scream.  His body arched and he lifted up.  He didn't even hear what Jason was saying but felt the cruel fingers prodding inside of him and forcing his ring open even further.  Eventually the pressure stopped as Jason removed his hand.

Cody's body was layered in a sheen of perspiration.

Then Grant came up to him and gently caressed his nads with the short cane.  Cody's cock reacted involuntarily and started to get hard.   Jason grabbed the short cane from Grant and brought it down hard on Cody's growing boner.  Cody's face contorted into agony as the sting burnt it's way into his groin.   Even through the mask, Cody could see the smirk on Jason's face.  "Want us to stop, huh passenger?"

"Fuck you," Cody whispered through clenched teeth.

"Alright," Jason said loudly. "You were all told about the laws here in Singapore and that you could get lashings if you were caught.  We're gonna give you a demonstration."  Then he put his head next to Cody's. "You sure you don't want us to stop now, huh"

Cody never answered him.  Jason gestured to the other three and then they tied Cody's hands together and put him up against one of the palm trees with his hands tied high above him, his toes just managing to keep contact with the ground.

Cody couldn't see the long cane that Jason produced from under the table.  Some of the boys gasped and Cody knew that he was in for some pain.  The cane whistled and connected with Cody's butt.   He stifled a scream as the red-hot pain shot through him.  A red welt appeared across his two butt cheeks.

Jason again came up to him, "Reckon it's time for us to stop yet fucker?"

The tears streamed down Cody's face, "Go fuck yourself."

Cody clenched his butt as he heard the whistle of the cane again.  It connected with almost the same spot and Cody's whole body jerked with the pain and he let out a small scream before he could stifle it.

A few of the boys in the group were telling Jason to stop and he turned on the group wanting to know who had said that.  Nobody responded.  He again went up to Cody, "Guess it's time for us to leave you alone now huh?"

"Go fuck your mother," Cody whispered.

Cody did not expect the cane to be whipped up between his legs.  It connected solidly with his nads and he screamed and passed out at the same time.  His full body weight hung on the rope holding his wrists and it took all four of the boys to hold him and cut him down.  When he was undone they let him go and he fell in a heap on the ground. A trickle of blood oozed through the cut on his butt.

When Cody opened his eyes Jessie was leaning over him.

"Hey, you okay?" she asked, giving him a thin smile.

"Hey Cody," Shane said, "Are you able to stand cos Jess and I couldn't moveya."

Cody stood up and the towel that was covering his butt fell away.  Jessie tried not to stare at his dick, which was flowing down away from his crotch.  Cody quickly reached for the towel and wrapped it around himself, "Hey Shane, where are my Speedos bud?"

"I've got ‘em hey.  Here."  He passed the Speedos to Cody.  Cody walked to the edge of the pool and then dropped the towel and dived in, with the Speedos in his hand.  He gently rubbed his butt and felt the welts.  He dived backwards slowly and pulled his Speedos on.

"What is Jason going to say about you being here?" Cody asked Jessie.

"He asked me to come and help you. I think he's worried that he might get into shit but at the same time he doesn't want to be seen giving you a hand."

"Nice.  Thanks anyway."

Jessie ran her finger down between Cody's pecs and down the line of muscle on his stomach, "The pleasure's mine anyway. Pretty nice."

Cody's stomach involuntarily contracted at her touch, which felt good.  Then he bent forward and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Shane pulled his arm, "C'mon, let's get moving before you get us all into crap."

Cody hung the wet towel in the en-suite shower. "You've got some blood on the back of your Speedos." Shane remarked.

Cody pulled his Speedos down.  One of the cuts on his butt was bleeding slightly.

"Hey, want me to get something for that?"

"Please, yeah, thanks." Cody said.  When Shane left the room, he lifted his dick to check if it had any damage.  There was a bit of a red line running diagonally up the length but it looked and felt okay. He put his fingers below his nads and lifted them and they were tender and bruised.  Then he lay down on the bed on his stomach.  Shane came in and drew a breath when he saw Cody.

"Want me to put some of this on?"

"That would be cool bud, thanks."

Shane put some of the ointment on his finger and gently put it along the two lines where the cane had connected.  He didn't mind if Cody saw the erection he was getting.  When he had finished with the ointment he gently put his flat hand on Cody's butt and felt the hard muscle.  Cody clenched slightly as the hand touched one of the welts.  "You not done yet buddy?"

"Oh yeah, ages ago.  Just thought I'd make sure it was all in properly.  Want me to check the other stuff?"

Cody rolled over on to his back and saw the bulge in Shane's track pants.  For a 15 year old he had a cock to be proud of. The soft track pants outlined the perfect shape of his cock and the perfect, wider cock head.

Cody's own dick wasn't reacting at all, probably because of the pain in his nads. Shane looked over between Cody's legs and gently lifted the nads.  "They're a bit bruised but I think they're okay."

Cody put his hand on Shane's leg and felt the boy shudder for a brief instant, "Thanks a stack bud."

"It's cool Cody.  Actually it's not too much damage.  Your butt still looks pretty okay."

"You think?"

Shane blushed.  "You know what I mean."

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