TJ shouldered his way through the crowd that had gathered to hear Ian Thorpe speak to the media. He was talking about the use of substances to improve performance and how more should be done to see that it is stopped.  He got to the South African team at the same time that Cody returned from the drug test. He grabbed Cody and they hugged.

"That was fucking awesome Code. Awesome."

"Thanks Teej. For being there the whole way."

Shane squeezed Cody so hard that he almost crushed him. Everyone, including Jason and Grant, took turns to congratulate him.  Jessie was amongst the last.

"I wish we could be better friends Cody. I really like you."

"What's there not to like?" Cody smiled, "I dig you too Jess, you've done a lot for me in this short time by just being there."

Cody gave her a kiss and a hug.

"Where's Curt?" Cody asked TJ.

"He's just received his medal and he's collecting his gear."

Cody started to run towards the change rooms. He saw Curt and Jun come out. "Hey Curt."

Curt stopped and turned to look at him. "What?"

"You're a fucking cheat and a liar.  That medal doesn't belong to you."

Curt put his bag down, "So.... come and get it back then."

As Cody walked towards him, Jun lifted his knee and caught Cody across his chest in a martial-arts kick that sent him falling backwards.  Jun took up a stance, as they do in Thai kickboxing, and waited for Cody to get up.  As Cody stood, Jun snapped his leg bag and his foot came up and caught Cody under the jaw, snapping his neck back and sending him crashing down again.

"C'mon Mr. Bond. Too much heat for you?" Curt laughed as his friend stood ready once again.

Cody stood up, dazed and rubbing his jaw. He saw the foot coming again but it never arrived. Jun didn't see TJ and was unable to block the fist that connected with the side of his head. His knees buckled and he fell in a heap on the floor.  TJ turned on Curt.

"Come, cunt. Just you and me."

Curt laughed, "You must be stupid, or something like that. You seriously want to try me?"

TJ stood dead still, keeping his eye on Curt. Curt was fast, he turned around and the roundhouse kick caught TJ on the side of his head, sending him falling. Curt turned again and took off. As his foot came down towards TJ's chest, TJ grabbed it and Curt went down on his back.  TJ wasted no time and jumped on top of the Thai and used his fists. Curt's mouth was swollen and blood was pouring out of his nose. TJ felt the gun muzzle up against his neck.  He turned and looked into the face of Yung, the owner of the yacht.

"Maybe you just want to stand up and move away, whoever you are."

Curt stood up after TJ had gotten off him and wiped his mouth and nose with the back of his hand. He looked down at the blood on his hand and glared at TJ.

"Grab your bags and let's go. Help Jun. We need to get out of here now."

Jun was still out like a light. Curt and one of Yung's men got him up and carried him between them, his feet dragging as they walked. Yung waited until they had gone out the door and then pulled a silencer out of his pocket. He slowly screwed it on to his pistol, keeping his eye on Cody and TJ.

"Hey Cody, cool swim!" It was Shane. He did not realize what was happening.

Yung turned and aimed at the young teen. TJ took the opportunity to dive at him and managed to knock the pistol up as Yung fired. The bullet creased the side of Shane's head and he fell down, blood pouring out of the skin wound on his head.  Yung brought his leg around and kicked TJ on the side of the head. TJ saw a burst of stars and then collapsed on the ground. Yung turned and ran towards the door.

Cody waited until he was out the door and followed. When he opened the door there was nobody there. He turned and went back to Shane and TJ.  By now, a crowd had gathered around them.

Shane and TJ were in a two-bed ward at the hospital. Both of them were smiling as Cody walked in.

"You two are just slacking off."  Cody pulled a chair up in between the two beds.

TJ just smiled at his bud. Shane's head was wrapped in a small bandage.  He was being kept overnight for observation and TJ had pretended to feel faint, so he was also put into a bed for the night.

"You're a fucking slacker Teej. How can you spend a night here with nothing wrong with you?"

"Nothing? Pardon me mister Bond, but I've got battle scars." He pointed to an imaginary wound on the side of his head.

"I've gotta pee," Shane said, and got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom in the ward. Cody and TJ both giggled at the site of his bare ass through the open back of his hospital gown. He had a real cute, muscular teen butt. They could make out the shadow of his nads.

Cody never hesitated and sat on TJ's bed. His hand went under the covers and pushed TJ's nightgown up as his flat hand cruised up the inside of TJ's thighs. The tip of TJ's cock was moist.

"You were getting off staring at Shane?"

"Jeez Code, c'mon that kid has got muscles where some teens don't even have body, and those pecs. Grrrrrrr."

"Down boy. No, I didn't mean that." Cody giggled as his hand slowly caressed TJ's hard dripping boner. TJ closed his eyes and enjoyed the moment. Cody's fingers were all over as he explored his friend's manhood. Massaging the nads and then up the hard muscle to the cockhead, kneading the round knob.  They were both lost in their thoughts and didn't hear Shane come back.

The young teen watched TJ's gown as Cody massaged the older boy's length.  He felt his own cock come to life and his hospital gown cracked a tent as well. He was quiet as possible. He was enjoying the scene too much to disturb it. He lay down on his bed and the bed creaked.  Cody pulled his hand away quickly.

"No, don't stop now," Shane smiled, "I'm gonna jack while I watch you."

TJ and Cody both stared at Shane as he lifted the hospital gown off of himself.  His muscular body belonged on the front of a Men's Health Teen magazine. His already hard boner lifted away from his stomach, smooth and shiny. A small pearl of precum hung from his cockhead. He picked it up with his fingers and massaged it into his cockhead. His stomach flattened and every line of his six-pack was prominent.  He lifted his head slightly, so he could see over his pecs.

"Hey, stop staring at me. I wanna check you guys out. Hey TJ, wanta check if we can shoot it together, or maybe see who can get there first?"

"You're on," TJ laughed, "Go for it Cody."  TJ leaned back and closed his eyes. He felt Cody's fist tighten around his proud cock. Next to him, he could hear the sound of Shane breathing fast as he took himself in hand. The sound of Shane and the feel of Cody's hand were too much for him and he got a small electric shock through his cock as the surge rushed up his length. Cody smiled and continued to move his hand up and down his bud's length as wave after wave of cum shot up into the air and landed on TJ's chest and stomach.

A minute later it was Shane's turn. His cum seemed to shoot out of his cockhead like a geyser exploding. "Ah ah ah ah aaaaah!!", he moaned as his tender cock continued to offload its contents. The muscles of his stomach were tight as he milked the last drop of cum from his cock.

Cody passed them each some tissue and they cleaned themselves. Cody would've liked to do that for them but someone was sure to come in at the wrong time.

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