Curt watched as Cody's body disappeared under the surface of the water. He had to stop him from going anywhere near the "Ocean Wing". If it were found out that he was careless he would be in more danger than was necessary. He looked to his left, about 400 meters down the beach, where TJ was scanning the yachts. Jun helped him secure his scuba apparatus. He wasted no time getting into the water and within seconds he was powering towards where he had last seen Cody. It would be the South African's own fault that his body will be found in Singapore harbour, so far away from home.

Curt felt for the dive knife in the harness attached to his calf. He doubted that he would need it for anything serious. The boy was too soft and this was going to be too easy. Almost criminal, he smiled. The early morning light made visibility under the water difficult. Maximum visibility was only about 30 meters and even that was difficult. After a short time, he could see Cody's swim fins as the strong legs moved effortlessly up and down in a fluid motion. He stared at the boy's ass cheeks as they tightened with each leg stroke. Strong back muscles supported the scuba tank. This was just too easy, Curt thought to himself as he felt his own muscles working in an easy rhythm.

Cody felt a movement against his legs and turned, but too slowly. The dive knife in the Curt's hand flashed quickly, cutting the harness of the Scuba tank.

Cody tried to kick out, to get the other diver away from him. He could not see who it was, but it was obvious; from the muscular legs coming out of the black Lycra swim shorts that he was dealing with someone strong. Cody held the handgrip on the tank. He took in deep breaths as he swung around to keep the intruder in his vision.

Curt lunged at Cody with the dive knife. If he had to use it on the South African, then so be it. Cody released his grip of the Scuba tank and it ripped the respirator out of his mouth. He grabbed Curt's wrist of the hand holding the knife and swung his legs over the Thai's arm, forcing him to drop the knife or break his arm.  The two teens were like two powerful animals wrestling in the water. As Cody held on to Curtís wrist, he was forced into a backbend, holding on for dear life.

As the knife left his hand, Curt twisted his muscular torso and wrapped his legs around Cody's waist.  Cody's hands moved to try to pull off Curt's facemask. Who the fuck was attacking him? Cody felt like a solid, hard, muscular film was trapping him as the legs tightened around him.  Cody felt his waist and stomach being crushed by the force of the strong legs around him.

Curt, using his legs, twisted Cody's body around until he was behind the South African. Then he wrapped his arms quickly underneath Cody's arms and started to drag him down to the sandy bottom.

Cody felt his lungs and throat start burning for air. The muscular arms around his chest and the legs around his waist were forcing the little air that he was trying to preserve out of his lungs.  Curt squeezed harder. He used his one arm and put it under Cody's throat and forced his head right back, exposing his throat. He unclipped Cody's weight belt and swung it around, to wrap it around his neck. Cody felt his chest and ab muscles stretch to their limit as his body bent backwards.

The release of the weight belt gave Cody the opportunity to kick out quickly and he raced for the surface as Curt's hands released him. He broke the surface of the water in seconds and gasped in huge breaths of air. His chest was on fire and he had no energy left. He felt his foot being grabbed and took another quick breath of air, and then swam down to face Curt. The Thai teen looked huge under the water. Cody, using the force of his descent, took hold of the top of Curt's air tank and continued his dive to the bottom.

Curt, caught off guard by the quick descent, felt his body being dragged downwards. He mustered all his remaining energy and did a somersault in the water, throwing Cody into a disorientating spin, forcing him to release his grip. Cody went in the only direction he could, which was down. Curt made a grab at Cody's kicking legs and managed to get his hand on to his Speedos. Cody's momentum allowed him to continue swimming, leaving the Thai with the dark blue Speedos in his hand.

Cody, using every ounce of energy he had, swam towards the shadow of the yachts. Before Curt could react, he had disappeared.

Curt walked out of the water, holding the dark blue Speedos in his hand.  Jun's face broke into a smile.

"It's good to keep a souvenir. Hopefully the fish and sharks will do the rest."

Curt snarled at him, "Shut the fuck up. He got away."

"What now? You're the big hero. He was supposed to be dead, at the bottom of the harbour. What if he finds the boat?"

Curt forced his friend up against their vehicle, his arm against Junís throat. He was angry and his eyes were alight with fire. "Then they will do the job properly, I'm sure. Help me with this fucking thing." Curt tried to shrug the scuba gear off his shoulders. He was angry. His abs relaxed and contracted quickly as he breathed. He knew he was more powerful than the South African was and it should have been a quick fight, with him the victor. He had seriously underestimated his adversary, but that will not happen again.

TJ saw the black spiky hair as Cody neared the shore. "Why the fuck didn't he just stand up and walk?", TJ wondered to himself. He looked at the waving hand and waded towards where Cody was. He almost dropped the binoculars he started laughing so loud.

"It's not fuckiní funny Teej," Cody's voice was ignored. He could feel his ears heat up from embarrassment. Thank fuck there was nobody to see, but in Singapore he would risk a serious lashing if he were seen emerging from the water naked. He grabbed the towel that TJ brought back with him and wrapped it around him as he stood up. TJ looked at the shape of Cody's cock as it draped over his nads, thick and perfect.

"So we don't know who it was, and no sight of the yacht. Shit. At least you got out okay. Sounded like that dude meant serious damage. Dunno why you bothered with the towel though. Covering up that little white thingy I mean."

"Hardefucking har.  I'm hundreds that he wanted my body at the bottom of the harbour. That fucker was strong and his body was rock solid hard."

"Who was it? Could you get a look?"

"Not with all the scuba gear on. He had a killer bod though.  Pardon the pun."

"Trust you to fucking notice."

Cody lay on his side next to TJ.  All the swimmers were at the aquatic centre, which gave the two friends the perfect opportunity to be alone. Cody's tongue gently licked a line from one nipple to the other. TJ stroked his friends back as he enjoyed the attention. Cody moved over and straddled his friend and the two of them kissed. Cody sucked his stomach in as TJ's hands undid the buttons of his jeans and slipped them off, taking his briefs with them. Then Cody rolled on to his back and TJ went on top while Cody took his jeans and boxers off. Their tongues danced a sensual dance that only two teens in love would understand.  They enjoyed the feeling of their skin touching, their athletic bodies in an embrace of exploding teen passion.

TJ's hand reached down and gently stroked Cody's hardening cock. He felt the skin stretch across the smooth muscle running up his friend's length.  Cody's balls tightened into his crotch. His hands grabbed TJ's buns and pulled him closer. TJ's thick, hard meat slid between Cody's lips and TJ gasped as he felt his friend's tongue do it's magic. He closed his eyes as he gently rocked backwards and forwards. Cody's hands played with TJís pecs, meaty nipples, and his abs, sending wonderful sensations throughout his body. TJ pulled his cock out of Cody's mouth and it slapped up against his hard, flat stomach. He moved down and lifted Cody's ankles, exposing his friend's rosebud.  He pushed Codyís ankles as far back as he could, then he bent forward, his tongue gently caressing Codyís taut butt and rosebud, savoring the musky aroma.  His hand reached for the condom in the pocket of his jeans. He passed it to Cody who went into a crunch position and rolled the condom on to his friend's pulsating meat.

TJ took the tube of lubricant that they had managed to organize and put the top against Codyís crack and emptied half the contents.   His fingers massaged the slick liquid in and around Codyís crack.  He felt Cody tighten and loosen his crack as his fingers slid in and out, giving Cody time to relax.  And then Ö

Cody let out a small cry as TJ's thick cock entered him. He felt his crack widen as the long hard muscle inched its way into his body.  Both of them were perspiring from the half hour of lovemaking that had just taken place, their muscled bodies shining in the half-light of the hotel room.  TJ's hard body was all Cody needed to turn him on. He wanted his friend to enter him so badly the whole time in Singapore and now it was happening, at last. TJ pushed Cody's ankles back over his friend's head as he thrust his hips backwards and forwards. He looked down at his proud cock as it went in and out of his friend. The sensations that coursed through his body were indescribable.  He looked down at Cody. His budís eyes were closed, his head bent backwards and his one hand wrapped around his own hard cock, stroking it gently.

The thrusts got deeper and faster. Cody groaned as he felt the hard meat swell inside of him stretching his rosebud even more.

"Aaaah fuck." TJ screamed between clenched teeth. He pulled out of Cody quickly, causing his friend some discomfort, but he couldnít help it.  Cody gasped as the full length pulled backwards out of his butt. TJ pulled the condom off and every muscle in his body bulged as his juice rushed up and out of his hard cock, drenching Codyís stomach and groin. He and Cody had had the argument about the condom on numerous occasions and there were times that TJ gave in to him, but not this time.  He just preferred to play it safe, unless Cody got him in a moment of weakness.  Cody looked like he had taken a cum shower.   TJ's hand stroked Cody's abs and pecs and they became slick from his juice.  He was enjoying the feel of his bud's smooth tanned skin.

Cody just lay there and allowed his friend to envelope his rock hard cock in his mouth. The sensations of electricity ran though his body as he felt the moist tongue caress his aching cockhead.

When Cody and TJ arrived at the aquatics centre, the South African boys were already in the water training.

"I'm going to find out where my guys are." TJ said, leaving Cody to join his own group.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Grant asked him, his eyes almost on fire.

"So what, you the captain of this team now? Jason die or somethiní?"

"Don't be a fucking smartass Cody or you'll get a smack."

"Aren't you being just a little bit brave without your backup?"

Shane called across to Cody. "Hey Cody, check this out. Come here."

Cody walked away from a glaring Grant and joined Shane.  Jason started walking over to them and Shane's eyes darted towards the door. "Be careful Cody. I heard Jason speaking to someone about..." He stopped talking as Jason got to them.

"Coach needs to speak to you in the office block Cody."  Jason smiled, a little too friendly. "I'll show you where."

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