Jun and Curt watched from the boat railing as the vacuum-packed boxes were transferred to a small boat alongside the 'Ocean Wing". Gunmen with semi-automatic rifles occupied the bow and stern of the luxury yacht.

"This is good," said Curt, "now I can get the packages to the different teams on time."

"Where are they taking the stuff?" asked Jun.

"I know where and that is enough. It's no good that too many people know where."

Yung, the master of the yacht, came up and stood next to Curt. He laughed lightly.  "I wonder if the young South African James Bond realizes that he could spend the rest of his life in that stink hole."

Curt nodded in agreement, "The loading is going well. Another ten minutes and we can go to the aquatic centre. I have already arranged with the security people to let me in."

"Can they be trusted?"

"With my life."

"Your life it is then. Remember that."

Jun swallowed hard and was pleased that he never made such a rash statement.  Yung was not known to show anyone mercy when things went wrong.


TJ watched the loading through his night glasses. He needed to see where they were going to take the small craft and offload it. He trained the glasses down to sea level but could not see Cody any more.  Cody had opted to leave the scuba gear behind and only use a snorkel and goggles.

He looked back up at the yacht. He could see the shadows of people on board but could not make out who they were against the glare of the spotlights.  Then his heart skipped a beat as he saw someone dive off the yacht and then another.

The first diver almost landed on top of Cody and that was exactly his intention. It would save him a lot of trouble if he just broke Cody's neck.  Cody recovered quickly and saw the flash of the steel of the spear gun.  Cody swam under the diver as he realised that a second one had entered the water. Without thinking, he came up quickly under the man. He saw the spear pointing at him and he pushed it up with his momentum.  As he pushed it up the diver pulled the trigger and the shaft shot through the water.

The spear hit the second man just under the left nipple. His back blew away in a mass of red blood and bubbles as his heart exploded in his chest.

Curt saw the eruption under water and quickly stripped down to his briefs and dived into the water.  He saw Cody and the diver struggling together. He wrapped his one arm around Cody's neck, squeezing it with his forearm.  His other arm went under Cody's right arm forcing it up and he put pressure at the back of Cody's head, forcing his neck down even more against his other arm.  Cody kicked and struggled. He started to take in volumes of water and slowly Curt felt the teen's struggling subside and he swam to the surface with Cody's unconscious body in tow.

"It's the South African," Curt shouted to Jun, who was pleased to see his friend's face break the surface of the water, "Throw me your dive knife."

Jun threw the dive knife down to Curt.  Curt lifted the knife above Cody's chest and was just about to bring it down hard.

"STOP!" It was Yung, "Bring him aboard. I want to see who this is, that has been causing me so much trouble."

Once he was aboard, Yung ordered the two Thai swimmers to leave. It would do no good for Cody to recognize them aboard the yacht.

When they left he bent down and started to resuscitate Cody.

TJ treaded water about fifty meters from the yacht.  He had to wait for the smaller craft to leave. He watched as some people on board pulled the body of the dead diver out of the water.  He saw Curt and Jun dive overboard and swim towards the beach. That was good because they would be the only people who would recognize him. It seemed like hours before the small craft packed with the drugs left.

TJ could see only two guards armed with semi automatics, one standing on the open bridge and another at the stern. He swam up to the beautiful, sleek vessel and peered through the portholes.  In the master cabin, he saw Yung fucking a young Asian boy. He looked like he could only be about 13 years old but he was athletically built. He looked like he was hurting as the boat captain thrust his meat deep inside of the boy.  He was obviously a boy slave. TJ heard that young boys could be bought cheaply. For his age, Yung had a good body and his muscles shone as his hard cock slid in and out of the boy's tight crack. TJ felt his own cock getting hard from what he was watching and it was time to move on.

He could see no sign of Cody through any of the portholes and the only other option was the stowage in the stern. That meant he had to go out into the open.

He lifted himself up the ladder in the stern, watched, and waited until the guard had moved away. He slowly climbed aboard. His white Calvin Klein briefs clung to his body and were useless if he needed them for modesty because Cody's property was clearly visible through the wet cotton. He bent down low and moved across to a hatch cover in the middle of the deck. It was not locked and he turned the handle slowly and slid the hatch open. A blast of cold air hit him.

He looked down into the hold, which was lit by a single, small dim light. Half of the hole was filled with ice.  Another blood-spattered body covered Cody's lifeless body and his skin was red from the blood that had come from the corpse. TJ jumped down and pulled the hatch cover back.  He moved the corpse off Cody and quickly started to pull Cody's body free from the stranglehold that the ice had on him.  He felt for a pulse and kept his fingers there for ages before he felt a faint response.  He pulled Cody under the hatch, then stood up, and slowly slid the hatch cover open.  He lifted Cody up, put the top half of his body out of the hold, and lifted his legs.  He pushed Cody away from the cover to give himself some room.  He pulled himself up and quickly slid the cover closed.

As he stood up, he felt the point of a knife against his spine. TJ knew that he was dead and that coming aboard was stupid. A hand grabbed his shoulder to spin him around and it was the last opportunity he would have.  He moved quickly in the direction of the pull and lifted his knee. TJ's knee knocked the knife from his assailant's hand and it went spinning across the deck.  In the same instant TJ sent an uppercut into the man's jaw with all the force that he could muster. The man started to fall backwards and TJ caught him before his falling body could alert the other guard at the open bridge. TJ slid the hatch open and dropped the man on to the ice. He threw the semi automatic down after him. He picked up the knife and slid it into the side of his CKs. He grabbed a lifejacket from the yacht's tender and slipped it on to Cody, whose lifeless body was deadweight. TJ's muscles bulged as he maneuvered his friend into the jacket.

He picked Cody up and slowly lowered him into the water at the stern and he followed. He swam slowly as he dragged Cody by the lifejacket back to shore. It was long and arduous because every now and again, his friend's head would drop below the waterline and he would need to rearrange the lifejacket. As they reached the beach, a bright spotlight lit up on the yacht and started to scan the water. TJ took the lifejacket off Cody and threw his friend over his shoulder and he ran.

The light from the yacht seemed like a dog yapping at his ankles as he ran up the beach. He managed to get to where the truck was. His thigh muscles felt like they were on fire. The light could not penetrate the thick bush so, for the moment, they were safe.  As fast as he could, TJ removed Cody's Speedos and then dressed him.  He took off his own wet, sand filled CKs and threw them in the front of the truck and then dressed himself. He drove to the all night emergency room.

Cody's condition, although serious initially, reversed very quickly. It was a matter of hours before he was wide-awake and his normal self.  TJ wondered if Cody had not convinced one of the attractive nurses to get the circulation running in his dick. He was convinced thatís where Cody's heart was.  Probably right on the head.

Jason passed the handful of bills to Curt and accepted the small packet.

"Seems like a lot of money for a few pills."

"Tell me about it after your kick that Australian's ass in your races."

Jason slid the small packet into his briefs, under his jeans and smiled to himself. At last, this was going to be his gold medal international swim meet. As he walked out of the small dingy building, Grant and Craig were waiting for him.

"Let's see the stuff," Craig said eagerly.

"Not here, you stupid prick. Want to get us thrown into that hole with Cody?"

They all laughed. Grant scowled, "That little prick deserves it. Just who the fuck does he think he is anyway? James fucking Bond?"

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