Cody felt TJ's foot move up and down against his leg.  "Don't let them get to you Code.  You've been in tougher fucking scrapes than this one.  And I think this is gonna get worse before it gets better."

The small restaurant was two blocks away from the hotel and only frequented by locals.  Cody sipped the fruit drink.  TJ was drinking a beer.  Both boys wore black T-shirts and black jeans with black sneakers. One of the Asian waiters, a good-looking teen eyed them for a while as they spoke. He was curious about TJ’s leg action.  When he thought it was okay, he came over to them.  "You gay?  I know some action here in Singapore for you."

TJ almost collapsed laughing.  "Fuck off outta here.  We're not gay bro."

When he left, Cody smiled at TJ, "Me know some cool action for you too.  So when we gonna do it?"

"This is actually quite a cockup Code. When I heard that it was you I was meeting, I was hoping that we could at least billet together. You're not going to swim in the comp so why don't we just get ourselves a room or something huh?"

"You know why. There’d be no work done.  I think it's time for us to move.  They should all be out on their night tour by now."

"Aren't they going to look for you?"

"I told the coach that I couldn't make it because I wasn't feeling well.  And Jason won’t dare question it with him either"

Grant and Jason's room was the same layout as Cody's.  TJ went to the clothes closet while Cody started on the first of the two suitcases. They found absolutely nothing except a couple of photographs of Jason and Jessie, a couple of reading books and clothes.

"This is a fuckup.  There's nothing here," TJ shook his head while he went through the books.  A piece of paper fell out of a Singapore tourist brochure.  He picked it up.  "Here’s a name, Curt, and there's a number here."

Cody read over his shoulder, "That a phone number?  Curt was the name of one of the Thai swimmers, the one that gave me a hard time."

"Not sure, let's try anyway."

Cody dialed the number. A telephone rang and someone lifted the receiver on the other end, "Hoy Curt here."

"Sorry bud, wrong number." Cody said.

"Who's that?"

"Nobody, just a wrong number, sorry."

Cody put the phone down and shook his head. "I think he recognized my fucking voice."

"He might just recognize the accent and not be able to put a face to it."

They both sat on the bed.  Cody put his face in his hands, "I can't figure it. Unless they haven't made a buy and you just imagined it."

"No, I didn't.  But they're not gonna just leave the stuff lying around.  Think Code. If it was you where would you put it?"

Cody smiled, "In my briefs, in a bag."

"And I think you're right.  Fuck.  Better we get this room sorted out and get out of here before they get back."

Back in Cody's room.  Cody fell forward on to his bed, he folded his arms and rested his head on his hands, and “I think we’re expecting too much Teej, we’re not fucking secret agents."

TJ put his hands under Cody's black T-shirt and gently caressed his back.  "I think we need to go into the lion's den.  It's the only way."

"Into the Thailand rooms?  You must be fucking crazy if you think you're going to drag me there."

The hotel where the Thailand team was staying was a ten-minute walk away. Cody and TJ walked through the front entrance and immediately saw some of the swimmers playing video games.   TJ pulled Cody to one side, "Can you see the guys from this morning?"

Cody shook his head.

"How the fuck can we find out which room they're in?" asked TJ.

"Easy."  Cody left TJ standing where he was and walked up to one of the teen swimmers.

"Hi, I'm looking for Curt or Jun."

"They've gone out."

"Look, I just want to leave a note for them.  Can you show me their room and I'll just slip it under the door."

"I'll give it to them."

"It's cool, I'll slip it under the door if you show me where their room is."

Cody and TJ followed the boy up two flights of stairs to the landing where their team was staying.   He showed them a door, "This is it hey."

"Cool, thanks."

The boy stood and waited.  Then Cody took a piece and made to fold it carefully.  "It's cool, I'll just put this under the door, thanks."

"Okay dude."

They waited until he was out of sight and then TJ took a pocketknife out of his jeans and put the edge against the lock of the door.  The door didn't take too much persuading before giving way.  Cody used a small flashlight to help them look around.  They searched for about twenty minutes and found nothing.  "Fuck," said Cody, "this is pathetic."

TJ picked up the phone, and then he hit a few buttons and listened.  He grabbed a pen off the bedside desk and wrote on a piece of notepaper.  "Bingo," he smiled, "Check this out."

Cody read what he had written on the paper. "Drop off Ocean Wing 1500 tomorrow".

"How the fuck did you know to do that?"

"Just a wild guess. And all the voicemail systems use the same access number." TJ's smile spread across his face.

Cody looked at TJ, "So what's that supposed to mean and what the fuck is Ocean Wing?"

"Maybe a ship's name or something. We can check it out. Maybe they're gonna get a shipment or supply at 3 tomorrow afternoon."

Just then they heard voices coming towards the door.  TJ moved quickly to the window and opened it.  "There's no fucking fire escape," he whispered to Cody.

He climbed out of the window and on to a ledge.  Cody was right behind him.  The ledge was about a meter wide and ran the full length of the hotel on each floor.  Cody pulled the window down and they moved slowly with their backs against the building.  They saw the light come on in the room.   It took them twenty minutes, of moving inch by terrifying inch, to get to a window into the corridor.   They had to wait while a couple of hotel guests walked by.  TJ quickly opened the window and they climbed in.

Cody followed TJ down the stairway by instinct.  They had to move out of the hotel as quickly as possible.

Grant picked up the phone to order some room service. His eye caught the note with the number next to the phone.  "Hey Jace, I thought you threw this away."

Curt was fuming when he put the phone down. "Someone got our room telephone number from those two stupid South Africans?"

Jun shrugged," So what? We could just be friends."

Curt stared into the distance, "Someone was in their room."  He quickly picked up the phone and dialed the voicemail number. He slammed the phone down on the cradle.  "The message about Ocean Wing wasn't deleted."

"I'm sorry, I thought it was.  But doesn't matter. Delete it now."

"I hope it's not too fucking late," Curt fumed, "But, we're not gonna take any chances."

Cody went into the room quietly so as not to wake Shane. Shane's covers were off and he wore only a pair of boxers. He lay on his back with his one arm bent against his shoulder and the other down next to his body. Cody wondered what the young hunk was dreaming. The boxers were pointing skyward as the 15-year-old erection pushed them away from his body.

The single bedside lamp threw shadows and Cody stared at the muscular definition of the boy. He had a deep crevice running down the centre of his stomach, which emphasized his ab muscles. Yep, there are six there, Cody smiled. The lats on the one side of his body splayed out.

Cody pulled his top off and looked at his reflection in the mirror. Not too bad folks, you raised a good-looking boy here hehehehehe. Within a minute he stared at his naked reflection. His own cock having reacted to the sight of Shane was pointing at a sixty-degree angle and his balls had pulled into two perfect sacks in his crotch.

He decided against the boxers and laid on top of his bed staring at Shane, but thinking about TJ. Hehehehehe TJ was definitely beating his meat right now. When they had kissed goodnight he had given Cody a feel of his monster teen muscle.

Cody's jizz sprayed out across his chest and stomach, making his body shiny with boy spray. He battled to stifle his breathing.  He didn't want to have Shane wake up and see him milk his lizard at one in the morning.  After cleaning himself in the bathroom he dozed off thinking about the next phase of their operation. Where was the "Ocean Wing"?

Without the necessary security clearances, Cody and TJ were prevented from passing through the entry into the yacht basin in the harbour. TJ found the way to the beach and drove the hired truck into the deserted parking area. Cody continued to look through the binoculars.

"I don't see it."

"It has to be there Code. It's on the shipping schedule."

"Yeah, but this is an itzy little yacht."

"Doesn't matter. Keep looking."

While Cody continued to search, TJ took the scuba gear out of the back of the truck. His biceps bulged as he lifted the air tank.  He checked the valves and gauges and made sure that the mouthpiece was okay. The problem with hiring gear is you never know what the fuck you're getting. Luckily both he and Cody had been on scuba courses in their hometowns.

"I don't see the fucking thing!" Cody shouted from the cab.

"Then you're going to have to go and look for the fucking thing wont you?" TJ mimicked Cody.

Cody got undressed in the cab and climbed out wearing dark blue Speedos that clung to him like a glove and emphasized his athletic build. He'd tucked his jewels into the pouch of the Speedos, creating a bulge that instantly caught the eye of his friend. "Nice package bro." TJ smiled as he let his hand slide up the front of Cody's Speedos. Cody's shoulder muscles and biceps bulged as he pulled the scuba tank harness over his shoulders and on to his back. He put the mouthpiece between his lips and checked the regulator. His muscular chest was even more prominent between the straps of the gear pulling his shoulders back.

TJ helped him to tie the straps around his waist. "Just remember, no fucking heroics. These people do not play games. Once you find it, see what you can see. If the place is busy, just get out of there."

"Yes mom," Cody smiled.

Their lips met briefly and then Cody made his way into the shallow water. The scuba gear was TJ's idea. Cody found it a total fucking hassle to try to swim with all the crap tied to him. The swim fins were a help though. The goggles were on top of his head as he started to stroke towards the cluster of luxury yachts in the basin. The water temperature was comfortable and he enjoyed the feeling of the emerald liquid as he power-stroked through it. He and TJ had no fucking idea where this was leading them or how they should tackle it. They were really just going to handle it as things developed.

The rays of the early morning sun reflected a golden glow off the water surface. As Cody neared the closest yacht, he stopped to tread water and pulled the goggles over his eyes and nose. He put the mouthpiece between his teeth and slipped below the surface. The sun cast shimmering shadows in the water.

TJ watched carefully through the binoculars as Cody disappeared below the surface of the water. He scanned the yachts for the hundredth time. There was a bit of movement on a couple of the yachts, probably crewmembers preparing the yacht to sail or for breakfast. Whatfuckingever. He scanned the surface of the water. Cody was still under. He only had about a quarter hour of oxygen in the small single tank but he wasn't deep enough for that to cause any major problem.

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