The aquatic centre was one of the biggest that Cody had ever seen, or that any of them had ever seen.  It was huge and had a diving pool as well as the standard Olympic pool.   There was also a Jacuzzi and a small warm water pool.   Jason had avoided Cody the whole morning and that was cool.   Cody wasn't in the mood for any of his shit.   He looked up into the stands and saw a few of the American swimmers there.   Amongst them was TJ.  Cody was walking carefully because his nads were still feeling the after effects of being attacked.

TJ caught Cody's attention and pointed towards the diving pool.

"What's up?" Cody mouthed.

They met behind a small wall where they could be discreet.

"I think I've already made the guys we need to watch."

"Yeah right, crap.  You've only just been here a few minutes."

TJ smiled, "Enough to catch a few of the Thailand boys bartering their fucking stuff."

"Thailand?  So where are they now?"

"They’re training in the pool behind you."

Cody turned and he could see six swimmers sprinting the length of the 50-meter pool.

"So how do you know they were selling shit?"

"Call it a TJ hunch.  I've got some bad news for you though bud.  A couple of the buyers were your guys."

"Yeah fuckin’ right.  We've all been together the whole time."

"Not quite buddy.  Those two guys standing together over there, talking to each other, that's them."

Jason and Grant were whispering to each other and standing away from the team.  Cody's brain spun into overtime.  Maybe TJ was just imagining things.

"You’re wrong Teej.  The one guy's the captain of the fucking team."

"So how'd he get to be captain?  Playing by the rules maybe?"

"Okay, so what now?"

"We'll need to find out who's supplying the boys from Thailand."

"What are they selling anyway?"

"Plain old amphetamines is my guess. Why don't you go and ask your team captain?"

"Well you can help me do something tonight."

Cody and TJ split up and joined their squads.  Cody watched the Thai boys in the water. Two of them were total speedsters and made the others look lethargic.   Besides the fact that they were like fish in the water he couldn't keep his eyes off of them as they exited the pool. They were wearing their red team Speedos that clung to them and enhanced their smooth well-muscled athletic bodies.  Their good looks and chiseled physiques demanded attention. Cody’s eyes followed their broad shouldered backs as they walked towards the showers and he thought about following them.  Fuck it Cody, be patient.   Then Cody noticed a red swim cap on a seat near where they exited the pool.  Oh! Cool.

The showers were all going when he walked into the change rooms.  Red Speedos lay next to tracksuits and Thai team bags.  Nobody was around and Cody looked into one of the bags.  They contained nothing but clothing, more Speedos and another towel.

"Can I help you?"

Cody turned quickly to see one of the swimmers staring at him.   He was one of the 16 year olds that Cody had seen sprinting in the pool.  He was beautiful, smooth, well proportioned with jet-black hair, beautiful Asian complexion and very good-looking.

"Er, here," Cody put out his hand with the swim cap, "I found this out there and thought that maybe it belongs to one of you guys.  My name's Cody."

"I can see that on your track top.  My name's Curt."  Curt didn't offer his hand to Cody.  "Find anything interesting in the tog bag?"

"I was just checking to see if the swim cap belonged to you guys."

Curt walked right up to Cody.  "You could've just left it on the seat."

"Yeah well, you never know.  Stuff gets stolen at these comps."

Then another boy walked out of the showers, also with a towel wrapped around his narrow waist.  He also had all the qualities of the Asian teens.  His smooth skin covered taut well-defined muscle.  His pecs flowed down to a powerful six-pack. Hints of his black pubes were visible above the towel, which did nothing to hide the shape of his furniture.

"Yo Curt, whatsup?"

"Found this guy snooping in our bags."

Cody shook his head, "Fuck it, I wasn't snooping for anything. I just wanted to make sure the swim cap belonged to you guys."

Jun stood next to Curt and smiled, "So, let's sort him out man.  Go get him."

"I don't want any shit okay." Cody held his hands up.

"Fuck off out of here before we give you more shit than you can handle."  Curt glared at Cody.

He could hear them laughing as he walked out of the change rooms.  Cunts.

He joined the South African team and prepared for training.  The junior swimmers went first and Cody was impressed with Shane's style.  Well, he was also impressed with Shane non-stop.  Shane was obviously the best in his age group.

When Shane lifted himself out of the pool, his shoulder and arm muscles rippled.  His stomach heaved as he took in breaths, showing off his flat, muscular six-pack with two distinct lines from his hips to his crotch disappearing into his green and gold team Speedos.  His broad shoulders tapered to a sharp V at his narrow hips along hard ropey lats. His strong legs completed the perfect picture.  His pecs belonged more to an 18 year old than a 15 year old, with meaty nipples.

Cody took to the blocks with five other swimmers, amongst them Jason and Grant.  It was a perfect start for the 100-meter freestyle and they hit the water in perfect unison.  It was Cody's weakest style and here he was up against the best teen swimmers in the country.  Cody was three-quarter through the second length when the first swimmer touched the wall.  Jason straightened up from his bent, deep breathing position with his hands on his knees and came up to Cody, his physique intimidating.

"Now I know you're just a fucking passenger."  He almost spat the words.

Cody ignored him, turned and walked away. Jason's face went scarlet.  "Hey fucker, I'm talking to you."

Cody ignored him and went into the change rooms.  He felt himself being pulled around to face Jason.  Jason's finger was almost up his nose and his eyes were on fire.  "Don't you ever fucking walk away from me when I'm talking to you, especially in front of the team."

Grant walked into the change rooms, "Having a problem Jace?"

Jason turned to face him, "No, no problem."

Then he turned quickly and his fist connected Cody in the solar plexus.  Cody gasped and fell on the floor holding his stomach.  He gasped for breath. "Oh shit, shit," he cried. Cody felt like he'd been hit with a sledgehammer.

Grant laughed, "Serves you right for fucking with the captain boyo."

Jason just glared as the two of them walked out, leaving Cody writhing on the floor.

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