Cody followed Jason, not sure what was happening. When he walked into the office on the third floor of the office block, his heart sank.  Two Singapore police officers were sitting in chairs with the coach.  They stood up as the boys entered the room. One of the police officers grabbed Cody's arms and pulled them behind his back. Cody felt the pain of the handcuffs being closed too tightly.

His eyes pleaded with the coach. "What's going on here coach? What is this all about?"

"They found amphetamines in your room Cody, in your tog bag, a hundred tablets."

"I've been set up." Cody screamed and tried to shake out of the grip of the cop holding him, "This is fucking bullshit Coach."

The coach looked at Cody sympathetically, "I know and you know, but there's not a lot I can do for you right now."

"I'm not a fucking druggie Coach."

The other cop came up to Cody, "We know that Mr. Taronto, you're a dealer."

Curt sat with his eyes looking down at the floor. Jun sat on the seat next to him as Yung walked around the two boys. Yung was the owner of the "Ocean Wing" and one of the wealthiest men in the East. The authorities knew how he had become so wealthy but nobody had been able to catch him with enough evidence to convict him.

"You sure that the South African is in a cell?"

"Yes." Curt nodded, still staring at the floor.

"I am not happy at this delay to deliver. Have you got everything in order this time?"

"Yes. There will be a team under the 'Ocean Wing' at midnight tonight."

Yung put his hand on Curt’s strong shoulder and squeezed. The boy winced. "Of course, you would not be the first teenager that I have thrown to the sharks. Do not get ideas that I have sympathy for your age Curt, or you Jun. You better make sure that nothing goes wrong this time.”

TJ was in the waiting room as a police officer led Cody out of the cell complex. In spite of the Singapore police now knowing the true reason for Cody and TJ being at the swimming championships, they were still not happy about releasing him. It had to go to a high government official before they would listen to reason.

"There's an advantage here," TJ said as he put his arm around his bud's shoulders.

"Oh yeah? Well fuck! Please tell me about it cos I was almost given six fucking lashes and sentenced to a life sentence in a fucking slime cell."

"Whoever set you up is convinced that you're out of the picture."

"Shane. Shane knows who set me up. He was gonna tell me at the pool."

"He doesn't need to. You know who set you up. It was those prick team members of yours, your buds, and your team mates."

"I'm not so fucking sure. There's just something in the back of my head that is niggling."

"Well fuck that for the moment. We've got new digs."


"Yeah. I've quit the team. Told them that I had a cute funky ass to fuck and had to go and rescue it."

Cody laughed, "You can be so full of fuckin shit. Thanks for bailin me out Teej."

"Not me buddy. People back in the US of A. They rattled a few fucking cages over there and here to get you out. You can thank your buddy Shane for getting the message to me though, or by now you would've had a police baton up your ass."

"Yeah right, so where are we staying?"

Shane's fist gained momentum as it rode up and down the muscular length of his boyhood. His breathing was fast and air escaped between his teeth as his leg muscles tightened.  The fingers of his free hand caressed the sensitive muscle between his nads and his crack.

"Aaaagh!" he hissed, as a stream of boyjuice left his cock and flew across his stomach, landing between his pecs. He arched his back as his fist now moved like a speeding piston. Streams of boyjuice exploded out of his cock. Then the room door opened.

Shane's hand left his boyhood and his cock still bounced uncontrollably as the last jets of his juice escaped.  His eyes were huge as he looked at the two teens at the door.

"SHANE!  You little wanker." Jason sneered. Shane pulled the covers over himself, his ears a bright crimson. He didn't know what to say as Jason sat down on the bed next to him.

Jason pulled the covers down exposing the shiny jizz, thick on Shane's chest and stomach. His now deflated cock looked like it had come out of a shower of boyjuice.  A thick string of cum hung out of the pisshole and laid in his pubes.  Jason put his hand over Shane's sticky deflated nads and gave them a gentle squeeze.

"Tell me about the phone call you made earlier."

Shane's voice cracked as he spoke, "What phone call?"

"That's what I want to know."

"I phoned my folks." Shane felt the hand tighten on his nads and his two eggs being put under pressure. "To tell them how it's goin."

Grant bent over and slapped Shane across the face, "You little fucking liar. We know you phoned that American cunt in the next hotel cos we got the phone record. Let's just kill him and bury the body Jace."

Jason stood up and grabbed Shane's arm and pulled him off of the bed. "Yeah, Let's just throw him out of the fucking window."

Grant opened the window overlooking the main street outside the hotel.

"Get out on to the ledge."

Shane started to cry, "I never told him anything. I just told him about Cody being arrested. That's all."

"That's enough."

Shane tried to pull out of Jason's grip. His knees buckled. "Don't hurt me Jason, please. I didn't know that I shouldn't have done that.  Please Jason. Grant, help me, please help me."

Jason felt Shane's piss up against his leg as the boy’s bladder emptied.  He backhanded Shane hard enough for the boy's head to snap to the side.

"Shut the fuck up wanker.  Tellya what we're gonna do. You're going out on to the ledge and we're gonna close and lock the window. You can work your way around until you find a window to climb back into. Just be careful though. That ledge is narrow."

Shane shook his head, "Please Jason, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Don't let me die, please." Shane was crying uncontrollably and hanging on to Jason's arm with a steel grip as the two older boys manhandled him out of the window.

"Let me go, you little fuck," Jason shouted at him and shook Shane free. The sudden release made Shane's momentum across the ledge faster than the two older boys expected and the young boy slipped over the edge.

"Oh my fuck Jace, what have you done?"

Jason leaned out of the window and over the ledge to see where the body landed.  He saw nothing.  He leaned further out.

Shane was hanging on to a thin strip of concrete below the ledge. His voice was thin and soft, "Help me Jason, help me get back up."   His face was wet with tears and his eyes were wide with terror.

While he was talking, Shane used the strength of his back and shoulder muscles to pull his bodyweight up. He was only using his fingertips and the muscles in his forearms burnt as he lifted his right leg to try to get his foot on to the ledge a few inches above his hands. He pulled further. He was strong and silently thanked his folks for buying him a chin bar and putting him on a climbing wall programme when he was only a toddler. He felt the concrete break the skin on the side of his foot as he put pressure on it to take some of his body weight.

Grant, unaware of what was happening, grabbed Jason's arm, "Let's fuck off out of here Jace, before the cops rock up."

The two older boys left the room, Jason wondering if Shane had enough strength to get himself up. Fuck him anyway. He was playing with fire by having contacted that American and nobody saw him or Grant enter the room.

Shane felt the muscles in his arms and shoulder blades burning as he pulled himself up on to the ledge.  The side of his one foot was raw and bleeding as he lay there desperately trying to suck in air.

"Hey, isn't that your roommate?" TJ pointed up to the ledge as they arrived at the hotel.

The two ran into the hotel as fast as their legs would carry them.

Shane was lying on his stomach on the ledge, naked. Cody hoped that this was not some suicide attempt on the part of the boy.  They grabbed him and pulled him into the room. His chest, stomach and pube area were covered in dry sticky cum.

Cody ordered some fruit juice and a few beers from room service.  Shane sat on the bed with the covers pulled over his cock and pubes.  TJ washed his bleeding foot. The damage was less serious that it looked. Shane was badly shaken and he was covered in perspiration.  There was a bruise on his face where Jason had smacked him,

"I dunno what the big deal was with me phoning," his smooth chest heaved as he took deep breaths while talking.

"I do," said Cody, "but don't hassle."

Cody decided to remain behind when TJ went to sort out the apartment that had been organized for them.  He wanted to make sure that Shane was going to be okay. C'mon Code, YEAH RIGHT!

Shane was lying on his back with his eyes closed.  Cody gently pulled the covers down. Shane's pubes were stuck together, from the cum that had dried there. The boy's thick cock lay like a sleeping snake on his stomach.

"Hey bud, want me to clean you up a bit here. You're gonna smell like a fish factory if you go to sleep like this."

"Yeah if you wanna."

Cody went through to the bathroom and brought back a washcloth that he had wet with warm water. It was damp.  He sat down next to Shane and gently washed Shane's chest, stomach and then his pubes. He put the cloth under the boy's nads and washed there as well.  Then he wrapped the cloth around his cock and gently stroked it as he cleaned it.

Shane giggled, "You're giving me a woody Cody."

Like Cody needed telling. He could feel that muscle harden as he stroked it. Shane had a lot to be proud of.  He took the cloth away and admired the young hard, muscular cock. It was standing erect, away from the boy's six-pack and bouncing slightly as Shane laughed.  Cody let his fingers gently trace a line from Shane's nads to his piss hole.

"You must drive the girls mad with this thing."

"Nah. I'm too shy, and so's my girl. We don't touch each other there yet."

Cody suddenly realised he was in virgin territory.

"Were you thinking about her when you were jackin?"


"Want to find out what it feels like when she starts to get more adventurous?"


Cody made sure that the door of the room was locked, and then walked back to the bed.

"You need to get naked too though."

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