It was one of the biggest swimming competitions in the world.  Chaos reigned as coaches organized their teams and made sure that the swimmers knew which events they were in. The highlight for the visitors was watching Thorpedo cut through the water as if he was on air.  He won his heats without any problems. The surprise for everyone was that the invitation team from South Africa was right up there and getting through their heats as well.

Shane congratulated Jason as he came to where the team was sitting. Jason had qualified for the semi-finals of his main event, the 100-meter freestyle and the 200-meter butterfly.   He was in a good mood, despite not having qualified for his other events. He wanted the two titles for which he had qualified.

"They've seen fuckall yet," he thought as he smiled to himself. He had managed it this far without having taken the amphetamines that he had stashed in his room.  They would be his entry into the finals and most certainly give him the gold.

TJ opened his hand and Cody picked up one of the nondescript tablets.

"It's weird. Such a little thing and there's at least one guy dead. For what TJ? Huh?"

"For a piece of gold I guess."

They had arranged that Cody stay out of sight as much as possible. Whoever was in charge of this operation had a network that was large and there were eyes everywhere. TJ had searched Jason and Grant's room and hit pay dirt. Jason had hidden the tablets in a small plastic bag taped under one of the cupboard drawers. What a fucking amateur. He swapped the tablets for the sugar pills in his pocket and left within minutes after arriving.

The apartment was stifling hot and Cody was covered in a layer of shiny perspiration as he stood up. He reached for the phone.

"What are you doing?"

"I want to check if Shane is okay."

TJ pulled Cody back towards him.

"Hey, just relax for a while huh."

Cody closed his eyes as TJ's mouth covered his and their tongues met. He relaxed as he felt TJ's strong hands lift his T and then undo his track pants and slide them down. He blindly did the same.

Cody was on his back and TJ straddled his stomach. He sat up and put his arms around his friend and his tongue did an erotic exploration of TJ's chest, his nipples becoming rock hard. Then Cody's mouth moved down his friend's abs until he was able to enclose TJ's cockhead between his lips. His tongue gently caressed the pounding head. TJ's hands cruised up and down his back and his lats. This was raw lust between two friends, who loved each other very deeply.

For an hour, they explored each other with their mouths and tongues, kissing and massaging. Their mutual explosions were evidence of the love they shared and embraced. They dozed with their arms and legs entangled and their warm bodies close together. Their juice that covered them was a testament to their passion.

The aquatic centre was in darkness except for some strategic lighting around the pool area. The soft splashing in the huge water arena was like a surreal waterfall sound. Cody was in heaven. The liquid caressed his body as his muscles pushed him through the water. TJ sat up on the stands, watching and timing his friend. Cody had insisted that he needed to keep in shape and he wanted to swim in the aquatic centre before returning home.

There were other eyes watching him that he was unaware of. Curt had come to the centre to leave a package for one of the other team members. He stood for a long time watching the swimmer in the water before he realised that it was Cody.  He never noticed TJ up in the stands.  He walked to the edge of the pool at the starter's end, where it was dark.  He pulled off his jeans and T-shirt and waited for Cody to get to the far end turn before gently sliding into the water wearing his briefs.

Cody was concentrating on his stroke and using his legs to propel him through the water. He felt himself getting stronger with each 50-meter length. He felt good and pumped. He wished that he were part of the competing team, even to just be in the same pool as Ian Thorpe.

He felt the two arms wrap around him and drag him down under the surface. He struggled out of the grip, turned, and saw Curt. Curt came at him again but he was ready. He opened his legs and quickly tightened them around the teen's stomach, forcing him to take air.  The bubbles escaped from Curtís mouth and his fist came down hard into Cody's stomach. They both raced for the surface to get some air but Cody felt himself being dragged down again before he could take in a decent amount. Curt was behind him and he wrapped his legs around Cody. With his arms, he held Cody's arms tightly and just kept them going down to the bottom of the pool.  Cody struggled furiously, his lungs burning for air.

TJ looked up from the stopwatch. He saw nothing. He heard nothing. Where the fuck was Cody? He saw a swimmer get out of the pool. It wasn't Cody. He jumped up and raced down the stands.

Curt was caught off guard. He did not realize that Cody was not alone. He sprinted, grabbed his clothing, and disappeared. TJ dived into the pool fully clothed and swam down.  He had to come up for air and then down again before he saw Cody's body floating near the bottom of the pool.  He powered down, grabbed under Codyís arms, and pushed up furiously with his legs.  His eyes were red with tears as he came to the surface.  He pushed Cody out of the pool and jumped up.

He pulled Cody's head right back and then pinched his nose. He covered Cody's mouth with his and gave him a huge breath of air.  Nothing. He repeated the exercise twice before Cody gave a cough and a fountain of water came out of his mouth.  TJ checked his breathing and then gave Cody another breath in unison, to force air into his friend's lungs. After a while, Cody was breathing on his own, taking deep breaths.

"Oh my fuck, I thought I was dead. Thanks TJ."

"Hey, that's what buds are for right?" Tears were streaming down TJ's cheeks. He thought that he had really lost his friend this time.

"Hey Teej."

TJ lifted his tear soaked face and looked at Cody, "Yeah?"

"You gonna catch your death in those wet clothes bud."

TJ could not help laughing.  Cody was okay.

The day of the Finals.

Cody's muscles tensed as TJ's fist tightened around the base of his cock and he offloaded his juice. He felt TJ tighten his fist even more.

"There's no more fuckin juice left in there, if that's what you're tryin."

"Is that all you had, that little bit of white stuff? Mindya it came out of this little white thingy, so it's about right."

Cody rolled over and grabbed TJ, sending the two of them flying to the floor. Cody grabbed a handful of TJ's nuts.

"Lay absolutely quiet. Be afraid, be very afraid. Put your hands up behind your head." Cody squeezed.

TJ giggled, "Fuck you Cody, if you hurt me I'm gonna fuck you up."

Squeeze. TJ's hands moved quickly behind his head. Then he closed his eyes and Cody's mouth covered his cockhead.

As he felt Cody's tongue slide up and down his length, he had to ask, "We failed this one huh bud? Never got the bad guys."

"Can't win them all. At least a lot of guys aren't going to get the fix they think they need."

TJ's cock was shiny taut as Cody's lips moved down and back up the smooth white muscle, the overflowing blood vessels popping along the length as if a body builder had pumped it up.  He could feel Cody's fingers gently kneading his balls and he was reveling in every single moment of this pleasure.

As Cody continued to work on TJ's hard cock, he watched his friend's muscular stomach rise and fall, as his breathing rate increased.

"Any time now," Cody thought as he went down again, letting his tongue press hard against the tight muscle, taking it all in, right down to the base. With his fingers, he could feel TJ's nads tighten. "This is it."

TJ gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. His back arched slightly as the muscles in his legs tensed. He never warned Cody and he offloaded. It was absolute pleasure as his juice left him and Cody swallowed. He knew there was no way Cody was going to keep up and he felt the warm juice run down his length, out of Cody's mouth.

Perspiration ran over the two muscular bodies as Cody moved up and laid on top of his friend, and their lips met. TJ lifted and wrapped his muscular legs around his friend and they got lost in their private world.

The crowd went wild as the under 16 boys turned for the final 50 meters of the 200 meter butterfly. Two Australians and an American were in the lead. Shane's shoulders rippled as he lifted himself out of the water and powered his way forward.

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