Cody undressed and his own erect cock bounced.   He sat down on the bed next to Shane. He noticed that Shane's cock reacted even more because of his nakedness.  His one hand rested on Shane's nads, with the thumb and forefinger circling the base of the boy's hardon.  He lifted it gently as his head went down.

Shane tried to relax but couldn't. He closed his eyes and drew a quick breath as he felt the tip of Cody's tongue connect with the tip of his cock. It was like a bolt of electricity that traveled from his toes to his head. He had never felt anything like this before. He wasn’t sure if it was pleasure or pain.  He felt the pressure of his cockhead against the roof of Cody's mouth on one side and the smooth silky tongue on the other.

"Hey Cody. My woody feels tender but that feels fucking cool."

Cody was enjoying the smooth soft skin around the hard teen meat as he gently took it in his mouth. He sucked and put pressure on the boy's cockhead forcing it up against the roof of his mouth. He let the precum dribble on to his tongue and he savored it. He could feel as every muscle in Shane's body went into mini spasms. Then he felt the gently exploring fingers as Shane reached for his cock, which was dripping precum like a faucet. The boy gently caressed it.

"That feels so awesome Cody. And your woody is huge."

Cody took Shane's cock all the way in. His hand massaged the two perfect balls of the boy's nads as they lifted up into his crotch. His other hand explored Shane's perfect chest and stomach, tracing the outline of his six-pack and down to his pubes. He gasped slightly as Shane's fingers hit the ridge of his own tender cockhead as they did their own thing.

Suddenly Shane's body arched and he gasped, "I'm... aaaaargh"

Cody felt the deluge as it shot down his throat and exited between his lips and the teen cock.

"I'm sorry Cody," Shane said between his convulsions and gritted teeth, as more of his juice entered Cody's mouth.  Cody swallowed and enjoyed the taste of Shane's fresh, young cum. It was not as thick as TJ's and very easy to swallow.  As the jets subsided, he went to work cleaning up his young bud with his mouth.

Shane's stomach heaved up and down as Cody cleaned him. "Oh jeez, oh jeez. That was the most awesome thing ever. Ever."

"Yeah," Cody smiled, watching dribbles of boy juice still exiting Shane’s piss hole, the boy’s cock still giving involuntary spasms, “You said it”.

"Thanks Cody. That was totally the bomb."

"I'm glad ya liked it. Pity your hand stopped when you erupted."

Shane had stopped stroking Cody the minute he felt the rush in the pit of his stomach.  Cody was not going to push him to carry on though.

"I'm sorry I shot off in your mouth."

"That was a pretty powerful eruption dude," Cody smiled at him.

"Did you swallow?"

"Most of it."

"Yuck. How could you do that?"

"You didn't give me a helluva big choice there. One minute I'm enjoying the popsicle and the next thing it explodes in my mouth."

Shane laughed, causing his abs to ripple and Cody’s half erect cock to react.

The phone rang.

"You answer it," Cody nodded at Shane.

Shane lifted the receiver gently, "Hi."

Cody could hear the voice from where he was sitting.

"Shane, bro, so you made it. Cool, dude. You okay?"


"Tight. Sorry about the slip and all. Tried to help you but something came up."

"It's cool Jace. I'm okay."

"Hey. Did your Yankee buddy manage to get Cody released? We're gonna need him in the comp."

Cody shook his head.

"Nah. He phoned to say they're keeping him there."

"Cool. Well, I mean it's not cool but hey he fucked up with the drug shit.  Anyway dude, seeya in the pool."

"Cool. Bye."

"Hey bud”, Cody interrupted Shane’s thoughts, “I've got to get outta here before daybreak. I don't want them to know I'm out okay."

Shane sat up and wrapped his arms around Cody. Cody could feel how strong he was. "Thanks for everything Cody."

"Just look after yourself. Okay Spiderman?"

TJ was dozing in the armchair when Cody knocked on the door.

"Shane said you were on your way."

"You phoned there?"

"No. I used mental telepathy."


"You're going night diving. We were right about the Ocean Wing. They're gonna be moving the shit off of there tonight."

"How the fuck do I see underwater at night?"

"Night goggles. The latest rage."

"How did you find out?"

"Well I didn't quite come straight home. I found your two swim buds and followed them around a bit. They're as nervous as anything about what happened with Shane. Anyway they met up with two of the Thai swimmers and gave them shit about needing the "stuff" before the Swim Meet finals on Saturday and whammo...."

Cody stared incredulously at TJ.  "You just stood in their group and listened to the convo?"

"No fuckwit. I just got close enough to overhear most of it."

"Night diving?"

TJ smiled, "I think it's pretty cool the way the moonlight shines on your bod."

"Hehehehehe fuck off Teej."

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