A son, a friend, a brother, a fighter, a lover.

Cody, you were all these things to so many people who will forever be thinking of you.   You were the most beautiful person on the planet.   I will always remember your touch and the feel of you.   I will always remember the wonderful times that we shared, as friends and lovers.

You gave so much of yourself and needed nothing in return but the love and friendship of others.   

The sea will forever hold and embrace you and we will share you with her as we remember the Martian who flew into our lives and led us on an adventure of life.

I will always love you dear friend.

Rest in Peace

Cody Taronto   1982 - 2001

Cody was involved in a very serious motor accident during the early hours of the morning on Saturday 3rd November, 2001.  He was admitted to hospital and underwent emergency surgery. His injuries were incredibly serious and he never regained consciousness. He passed away a few hours after surgery.

Most of the original Cody's World website has been left intact, exactly as Cody had written it and laid it out.  I have done this in his memory.  He had a lot of good things to say and it should be left as is.  The pages that have been removed or changed, have been altered for various reasons, not the least of which is to spare Cody's friends hundreds of emails.  Cody's email has also been removed from the contact page.  His Guest Book is open for visitors and friends to leave messages.  The "privacy" capability has been removed to enable all his messages to be read by everyone.  Cody placed a lot of importance in the site guest book and enjoyed reading the many entries that were left for him.  Some of them critical of him, but he left them anyway and often received an apology after the writer had been through his site.

Cody has left behind a legacy of honesty and friendship.  He breached a generation gap and taught everyone, young and old, that we need to respect the differences in each other.


Many of Cody's files were lost before his death and they are slowly but surely being found and restored.   Some of the original links may not work and that will be rectified in time.

Peace, Love, Respect  -  Steve