Friends are very important to me and I must be one of the luckiest dudes in the whole world to have so many friends. When I was 15 I started to hang around a chat room in WBS for gay teens. Met a lot of guys there and that's where I met TJ. The guys there were always great to chat to and yeah we used to give each other a lotta shit but we also supported each other. When I first went into there I was really shit scared but, like I said, they guys really made you feel at home. Since then I have made a lot of friends via e-mail and their web pages. This page features just a few of the very many friends that I have.

A coupla years ago I came into the wbs chatroom looking for friends found many. Some of them have asked me to meet, but I cannot and I hope that you understand. Some of you have been supportive when I have had little problems and some have made me laugh or smile when I have been feeling down but none of you have ever been unkind to me and when people ask the question in the chat whether they can find friends in this room, I say - There are only friends in this room and if you cannot find them here, you will never find them anywhere.

I have found another great chat room on the youth floor (Teen Boyz) in Gay.Com and I try and visit there as often as I can cos I love chattin to the guys. If you see Codyswim signed on then just shout Hi Cody - ok?

Just some of the many good friends that I have found on the net:

A lotta them have got homepages - they are all totally kewl!!!

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TJ - Top of the list. TJ is my very best friend on the web. We have known each other since 1997. Talk about a HUNK! hehehe now I've got him blushing.
Matt was a very special friend of mine. We only chatted a coupla times but I enjoyed it so damn much. When I heard that Matt had leukemia I was totally crushed cos he is the last person in the world that should get so sick. Unfortunately Matt's page of pics that he took while on vacation with his folks doesn't exist any longer. I think if I was an American teen, I woulda liked to be just like Matt.


Damian (Jagmx) - him, TJ and me formed the Earthboyz. Deep thinker and caring person.
Kostik is a great friend. Visit him.
Sean - loves the water as much as I do. Click on the pic and visit his pool.

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Mr B - an old fossil who has helped me more times than I can remember. A great friend and advisor. and also a great story writer. His site includes Daniel's Diary.. YRG-BT!

Dan - okay so you need to guess which one is Dan - hehehe. Click on his pic to get to his home page.

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Fallen Angel is one of the best artists on the web. Check these most amazin pics. Click on his logo to get to his page.

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Lil Adonis was always been a good friend of mine. I met him in wbs and he was pretty popular amongst most people and used to get crapped on for always being persistent. He has passed on because of some fucking illness that he had. He was always honest and once you were his friend, it was for life. He demonstrated a helluva ability to make you chill and just appreciate what you had. Even in his emails you could imagine a soft spoken, yet strong, person. Strong in his beliefs that there are no really bad people. And this was in spite of one person who disliked him and sent viruses on email. I am not sure if his page is still around, the link I've got here is pretty old but do yourself a favour and visit it, if it's there. His page must be one of the best I've seen in home pages.

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Tom, also a long time friend of mine. Click on his pic to get to his homepage. Talk about an active bugger.

Webby Aquatics

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Steve. Steve is a really good friend and runs a tight website. He's been filling out with all the training and is looking pretty damn K E W L !!! Click on his pic. to get to his site and sign his guestbook.

More Friends

Tom, Jimothy, Rich, Arfie from Belgium, Sven from Holland, Gary from Oz, Sweetray, Panther, Ethan, Texas Kid, KB, LoveBandit, Scamur, Shelby, Ecosys, Jordini, CodyE, Jeeee, C the Ghost, Tecumseh - the wise one, Oldskool4u, Ezyboy17,Scale Boy, Mozart (almost forgot, sorry Moz), Boytrix, Andy2u, Danster Boy, Denny, Tommy from Newport, Stian the Viking Boy, Lil Adonis, Nicky, Rich, Mike (MKCHESS), Nick (Guttermouth), Alan, Feracer, Mark, Jace, Joshua, Gys, Spencer.

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